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The Spiritual Growth Center is almost finished and we are excited about what the Lord has done.! Our groundbreaking Ceremony will be soon ….

Upcoming Events and the Latest News


· May 7-8, 2009 - Leadership Conference “Show the House to the House”


· May 28-29, 2009– Singles Conference


· June 12, 2009– Deacon’s and Evangelist’s Conference


· July 2-3, 2009– Bishop’s Appreciation


· July 24, 2009—Your Night in the Spotlight

Reaching the Lost

Street Witnessing

Satellite Ministries


 Victory Gospel has many avenues of outreach to the community and to Lost Souls. We have Satellite Ministries that are placed in the midst of the community and services are held 2 times per week, with Food and Clothes giveaways and Bible Studies.












A New Dimension


We as Saints of God are moving to another dimension in God .We have gone past levels.   There are 7 keys to the anointing, 7 levels of blessings, and what happens after 7,? Eight (8) a new beginning, a new dimension of God.  No more levels we have past all the levels. It is time for dimensions.  Before you move into a dimension,  you have to know if you are saved or not.

 So I ask you

 the question

how do you

 know if

 you are





The Prophet Speaks…

Words from Prophetess Mama Jackie Banks