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The IRLP uses Voice-Over-IP software and the power of the Internet to link radio sites to the rest of the world. The system uses its own custom interface board and software suite running on a LINUX operating system, which makes interfacing any radio system to the world simple and cost effective.

The IRLP runs a large network of dedicated servers and nodes to offer the very best in voice communications. The heart of the IRLP is its Amateur Radio network which reaches hundreds of cities throughout many countries around world, linking them all with a full dynamic range, telephone quality sound.

These pages detail specific information relating to the VE6AFP IRLP at Frequency 147.210 Mhz. duplex + .600 VHF system located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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EchoIRLP is a set of scripts, which, when combined with "thebridge" EchoLink conference server software, enable an IRLP node to participate as a fully fledged member of the EchoLink network. This means that a single Linux computer with IRLP installed can provide both EchoLink and IRLP connectivity. EchoIRLP is also designed to preserve the integrity of each network by specifically disallowing cross links between the networks.

EchoIRLP allows a node owner to provide access to both systems, and gives the ultimate choice of system to the end users of the system, who can choose between EchoLink and IRLP on the fly. Because EchoLink supports directly connected PC users, which utilise the same network resources as a fully fledged RF gateway, EchoIRLP supports conferencing in much the same way as the native EchoLink client. This ensures a PC user who's connected just to have a listen doesn't tie up the system.

Using EchoIRLP is much like using IRLP. The commands on the VE6AFP system are as follows:

Connect to IRLP node - nnnn (4 digit IRLP node number)
Disconnect to IRLP - 73
Announce Time - A36
Simplex Repeater - 456
VE7LTD Audio Test - 123

Connect to EchoLink node - #nnnnnn (# then the EchoLink node number)
Disconnect from Echolink - 73


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