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The Beginning

perfectly proportioned badger - thank you DaVinci!

It all started with a dream. A vision, if you will. A vision had by two geniuses with a common goal - to rule the world with badgers. Let us take a peek into the mind of a genius...

Nick: I will be running the place after a month... the world shall soon follow... and under my rule, you can have many men... that's the beauty of my rule
Val: i like it
Nick: i just had the awesomest idea!!!! Giant dancing badger guards!!!!
Val: to guard your imperial palace?
Nick: they would intimidate any opposition
Val: only if they eat mushrooms
Nick: the badgers or the enemy?
Val: the badgers

And thus, the ValNick project was born. Soon the two new leaders were handing out assignments to their chosen few - those who were to assist the new dictators in their rule of the land...

Nick: the castle will be called "Badgers and Beyond!" and I will have Rob announce it at social functions
Val: that would be amazing
Nick: Kyle will be our jester
Val: as well he should be
Nick: Jenn will lead the harem and teach them to dance seductively
Val: she'd love that - they would all be very good dancers
Nick: Kate will decorate the castle and Rick will train the troops... he can be the Badger Commando
Val: like the Cheat - only with thunder!
Nick: children across the land will buy all his playsets and toys...and Jude will train all of the hot, oiled men their duties, hanging around all day dressed like Disney's Aladdin
Val: nice...
**UPDATE** Jude has since accepted this position, despite his dislike of hot, oiled men, on the condition that he gets a magic carpet. All efforts are being made to locate one for him.

Nick: Carter will be the Prince and take over the entire kingdom in due time
Val: yes... in due time
Nick: Alicia is in charge of sheep and puppies
Val: excellent
Nick: and the museums... and italy... and spain
Val: can i be in charge of Ireland? and mushrooms? oh... and Great Britain? and Jack Davenport? and Elijah Wood?
Nick: totally

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