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Motorola CB Radios


None to list at this time

Mobile Radios

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
T-4000(Mocat 40) 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM (Rare)$55.00
T-4005Mocat 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM$50.00
T-4009(CB-1135) 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM CH9 Monitor$60.00
T-4020Mocat 40 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM (Rare)$65.00
T-4022(CB-1133) 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM (RARE!!)$75.00
CM510(System 500) (CB-114) 40CH PLL AM (Vari-Com)$85.00
CR72040CH PLL AM (Remote Type)$80.00
CT950AX40CH PLL(TC9103P) AM (AM/FM/CB Combo)$10.00

Base Stations

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
T-4025A(CB-1136) 40CH PLL(SM5104) AM / Clock (RARE!)$100.00
System 500(CB-555) 40CH PLL(TC9105P) AM/SSB / Clock (RARE!)$200.00

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