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Hy-gain CB Radios


RadioFeaturesEnding Price
Hygain 4040CH PLL AM (Not much info on this Handheld.)$00.00

Mobile Radios

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
Mod. 2679A40CH PLL(PLL020A) AM (Remote Type) (Circa. 1977)$50.00
Mod. 2682A40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$30.00
Mod. 2683A40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$30.00
Mod. 270240CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$40.00
Mod. 270340CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$60.00
Mod. 270540CH PLL(PLL020A) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$70.00
Mod. 271040CH PLL(PLL020A) AM (Remote Type) (Circa. 1977)$90.00
Mod. 271640CH PLL AM Remote Type with Clock (Circa. 1977)$60.00
Hy-Range 123CH PLL AM (Mod. #670B)(Circa. 1976)$19.00
Hy-Range 223CH PLL AM (Circa. 1976)$19.00
Hy-Range 323CH PLL AM (Mod. #672) (Circa. 1976)$30.00
Hy-Range 523CH PLL AM/SSB (Mod. #674B)$39.00
Hy-Range 640CH PLL AM (One Hander Remote) Mod.675/A)$45.00

Base Units

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
Mod. #507CB BASE STATION CONTROL (PHONE PATCH?) What is this?$75.00
Mod. #62323CH Crystal AM/SSB$68.00
Mod. #3804A40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$00.00
Mod. #310740CH(PLL020A) PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$00.00
Mod. #310840CH PLL AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$00.00
Mod. #311440CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$00.00
Hy-Gain VII23CH PLL AM (Flat Design) (Mod. #PC-3077)$20.00
Hy-Gain VIII23CH XTL AM/SSB (Flat Design / Clock) (1977)$100.00

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