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General Electric CB Radios


None to list at this time


RadioFeaturesEnding Price
3-590040CH PLL AM (Help package with case and antenna)$24.00
3-590840CH PLL AM (Help package with case and antenna)$29.00
3-59753CH Crystal AM (Circa. 1980)$00.00
3-5979A40CH PLL AM$10.00
3-5979C40CH PLL AM$10.00
3-598040CH PLL AM$15.00
3-5980A40CH PLL AM (1 PAIR!)$30.00

Mobile Radios

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
3-5801A40CH PLL AM$21.00
3-5804D40CH PLL AM$21.00
3-5804G40CH PLL AM$20.00
3-5805A40 CH PLL AM Compact Radio$15.00
3-5806A40CH PLL AM Compact Radio$14.00
3-580840CH PLL AM Compact Radio$12.00
3-5809C40CH PLL AM Compact Radio$14.00
3-5809D40CH PLL AM Compact Radio$15.00
3-581140CH PLL AM$20.00
3-5811B40CH PLL AM (PLL020A Chip)$25.00
3-5813B40CH PLL AM$16.00
3-5814A40CH PLL AM$20.00
3-5816A40CH PLL AM$15.00
3-5819A40CH PLL AM$20.00
3-582540CH PLL AM/SSB Sideband Rig LSB/USB$50.00

Base Radios

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
3-5869A40CH PLL AM (Sirc. 1982)$45.00
3-5871A40CH PLL AM$30.00
3-5879A40CH PLL AM/SSB (Superbase) With Clock$225.00

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