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Cobra CB Radios

Handhelds Units

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
39LTD40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1982)$12.00
HH-2840CH PLL AM$34.00
HH-3340CH PLL AM$29.00
HH-3440CH PLL AM$25.00
HH-3540CH PLL AM$29.00
HH-36ST40CH PLL AM With SoundTracker$30.00
HH-37ST40CH PLL AM With SoundTracker$40.00
HH-38 WX ST40CH PLL AM Weather / Sound Tracker$72.00
HH-70T 40CH PLL AM All in one Handheld$40.00


RadioFeaturesEnding Price
18 LTD40CH PLL(TC9106P) AM$19.00
18+40CH PLL(SM5123A) AM$16.00
18 WXST II40CH PLL AM$50.00
19+40CH PLL AM$20.00
19 DX40CH PLL(LC7130) AM$35.00
19 DXIII40CH PLL AM$49.00
19 LTD Classic40CH PLL AM$16.00
19 GTL40CH PLL AM$14.00
19 Ultra40CH PLL AM$23.00
19 Ultra II40CH PLL AM$27.00
19 M23CH PLL AM$16.00
19 XS40CH PLL(LC7130) AM (Circa. 1982)$24.00
2123CH Crystal AM (Circa. 1975)$15.00
21 LTD ST40CH PLL AM (SoundTracker)$30.00
21 XLR40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$29.00
25 GTL40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1978)$40.00
25 LTD Classic40CH PLL(TC9106P) AM$42.00
25 Classic NW40CH PLL AM Nightwatch$52.00
25 WX ST40CH PLL AM (SoundTracker)$62.00
2823CH PLL AM (Circa. 1975)$25.00
2923CH PLL AM (Circa. 1975)$29.00
29 GTL40CH PLL(UPD2816C) AM (Circa.1978)$40.00
29 LTD Classic40CH PLL(UPD2816C) AM (Circa. 1990)$53.00
29 NW LTD Classic40CH PLL AM Nightwatch$65.00
29 WX ST40CH PLL AM With Weather S/Tracker$60.00
29 WX NW ST40CH PLL AM N/Watch S/Tracker$115.00
29 XLR40CH PLL(UPD858C) AM (Circa. 1977$40.00
32 XLR40CH PLL(TC5080P) AM (Circa. 1977) $50.00
40+40CH PLL(LC7130) AM$30.00
67 LTD40CH PLL(LC7130) AM (Remote Mounted)$58.00
75 WX ST 40CH PLL AM (Remote) Weather S/Tracker$110.00
77 X40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$29.00
78 X40CH PLL(TC9106P) AM$23.00
13223CH PLL AM/SSB (Circa. 1975)$50.00
132 XLR40CH PLL(TC5080P) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$75.00
13823CH PLL AM/SSB (Circa. 1975)$39.00
138 XLR40CH PLL(UPD858C) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$78.00
140 GTL40CH PLL(MB8719) AM/SSB (Circa. 1978)$81.00
146 GTL40CH PLL AM/SSB$69.00
148 GTL40CH PLL(MB8719) AM/SSB (Circa. 1978)$76.00
148 F GTL40+CH PLL AM/SSB with Frequency Counter$150.00
148 GTL NW ST40CH PLL AM/SSB N/Watch S/Tracker$110.00
148 GTL ST40CH PLL AM/SSB SoundTracker$140.00

Base Stations

RadioFeaturesEnding Price
CAM 8823CH Crystal AM Tube Radio (Circa. 1973)$80.00
CAM 8923CH Crystal AM (Circa. 1975)$30.00
8523CH Crystal AM Dynascan$23.00
86 XLR40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$41.00
87 GTL40CH PLL(UPD2816C) AM (Circa. 1978)$40.00
89 GTL40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1978)56.00
89 XLR40CH PLL AM (Circa. 1977)$65.00
90 LTD40CH PLL(LC7130) AM Has Flat Face$45.00
93 LTD WX40CH PLL AM Has Flat Face / Weather$45.00
13523CH PLL AM/SSB (Circa. 1975)$45.00
135 XLR40CH PLL(TC5080P) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$72.00
13923CH PLL AM/SSB (Circa. 1975)$58.00
139 XLR40CH PLL(UPD858C) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$90.00
142 GTL40CH PLL(MB8719) AM/SSB (Circa. 1978)$105.00
88023CH PLL AM with Clock (Circa. 1973)$38.00
1000 GTL40CH PLL(UPD2816C) AM (Circa. 1978) with Clock$130.00
2000 GTL40CH PLL(MB8719) AM/SSB (Circa. 1977)$240.00
2010 GTL40CH PLL AM/SSB Newer Unit$195.00

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