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The -TUF- Clan

Welcome to The Unstoppable Force's clan website. We are always respectful (unless of course we are disrespected first.) We believe in fair play and maturity. And of course, we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

The -TUF- Members

*Admin* -TUF-Ozzy

*Admin* -TUF-deathdogkiller

The -TUF- Requirements

We are an American clan, in the U.S... and ya gotta speak English.

The -TUF- Contacts

For more clan info, contact deathdogkiller at

For interest in joining, look for -TUF-Ozzy in-game, the -TUF- server, or contact Ozzy at (Make sure -TUF- Clan is in the subject of the email, otherwise it'll go to my junk mail folder and I'm liable to miss it.)

The -TUF- Links

The -TUF- News
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ArmyOps Tracker
The -TUF- Profile at AAO Tracker