Her smile made Anakin wanting her more, < Gosh, she is an angel>
Anakin was struck back to reality when he heard Padme.
Hello, earth to Anakin did you hear what I said, or did you not? He was lost in her misery and kept on staring at her. Anakin, hello, can you please stop staring at me like that, it makes me, well, I feel like, I know what you are thinking through your e- Ahh! Now you think you have Jedi Powers too! This made Anakin laugh to himself while she got furious. Hello you didnít get to let Ė with this she stormed out and went inside the house. She didnít feel like finishing her sentence. Anakin saw her ran off , stopped laughing, and chased after her. < great, I made her mad, right before dinner, now I have to act like I am surprise to meet her after 10 years, but I already met her> He ran all over the house almost tripping on things. He slid like if he was saving someoneís life. He heard a noise, that was a great disturbance in the force. He felt it near-


Get away from me, what do you want from me, name it, just donít hurt nobody.

Oh, Senator somebody is getting hurt or do I mean in other words, killed.

No, nobody-

Cut it out, Senator, you are going to get killed, thatís it.

Why do I deserve to die, huh, what have I done to make you people make you minds up and say , oh letís kill the Senator.Huh! tell me that.

Shutup, it is my duty, no more chit-chat Senator, it is time for me to kill you.

Padme saw Anakin, beating the sith away. Get away from, Padme, you evil pest! He swung his lightsaber at the sith and the sith was killed.

Padme felt like crying or even hugging Anakin for saving her life. Anakin looked away from the sith and straight to Padme.

Padme are you ok? Yes, i'm fine Anakin, but can i ask you something. Sure, what is it? Where is Obi-Wan? Well, he is visting the city, trying to get used to it, you know.

Oh. With that Padme laughed to herself, thinking how wondeful dinner was going to be.


Padme and Anakin was once again outside, with the sunset. Padme began to speak. Anakin................Yeah, Padme............. can i tell you something............yeah, anything Padme, what is it? What happens if a woman is engaged to a man that has to help her people but the man is not the man in her dreams and loves another man who truly cared for her? Anakin looked at her and answered anyway. Well, if i was her i would let the my people down, and marry the person that woman trully loves. Padme thought Anakin's answer was brilliant, he was right. Padme was engaged but always covered the ring for Anakin not to look. Her misery was over when She was struck back to reality by Anakin. Padme, are you all right? Yes, but i feel like i am not all right. She covered the ring again with her hands and Anakin saw her tears, running down her cheeks. Anakin wiped her tears and both looked at each other's eyes knowing this felt right. Anakin, if you were engaged, will you ever feel like throwing your own ring away so you will never have to look at it again. Not if i loved the person. No i mean- Padme was cut off when Anakin kissed her. They kissed passionetly not letting go. Then Padme let go getting her breath. I'm sorry, i shouldn't have hold on to the kiss. Padme showed her right hand to Anakin to reveal a ring.

Sorry, Anakin but you can never kiss a soon to be wife by another guy's girl. Padme couldn't refuse those blue eyes, she hugged him not knowing anybody saw the kiss.


to be continued...................
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