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February 28th 2004

I have being experiencing some technical difficulties lately thanks to Microsoft Frontpage,  so I should continue making this site through plain HTML text. Anyways, i've beated Metroid:Zero Mission, and the pictures should be coming very soon. SO far, it has been a pretty good game, and some cool cutscenes. Though its not as good as Super Metroid, but is pretty decent, but too short also. Also submit your fan art here

Oh yeah, I have a all new forum, click here  

"Metroid: Hunters" will be available for the upcoming Nintendo Hand Held Console, The Nintendo DS.


February 15th 2004

I've updated the pictures section with more stuff, and seemed to have found the endings of Metroid Zero Mission online, and i've put it on my site right here.

II also have a new section on my website, the Fan art section. Submit all your fan art there, and i will post it up, so please feel free to do so :).

I will provide you pictures of Metroid Zero Mission ASAP.

I have reviewed Zero Mission. Check it out at my reviews section.

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February 13th 2004

Well, Metroid Mission Zero is finally released, I'll give you the latest updates about it ASAP.

Click here for Gamespace on Metroid: Mission Zero


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January 31st 2004

I changed alot of the site design again, and i am constantly updating it.

I also added new Metroid cheats.


January 14th 2004

Well here it is, a new home page template. I will start editing my site, i haven't been updating this site for SO long now. I'll update you ASAP.


Oh yeah, if you want to see the old home page, heres what it looked like 6 months ago, now archived on my site.

Metroid Prime 2 pics

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