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:::Tiger Passion:::

hails from the squishes of moist gutters, the clinks of glasses raised in cheer, and even the soggy tears from hollywood's heart wrenching goodbyes. while the backbone of the group is just two members, they would like to keep a revolving door, if you will, of accompanists from live performance to live performance.
expect to see many changes in personnel, as doing so creates a live show that is special for you, and you, and yes even you.

may 7, 2004
cornerstone college
nirvana tribute show
w/ cains & ables, bunkbed nights

april 10, 2004
weston theatre
w/ cains & ables

march 17, 2004
the daac
w/ cains & ables, bunkbed nights, wolf colonel

::: the daac :::cains and ables:::