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Web Designer

Job Description:

Help update the THX Clan page every so often. HTML skills a must. Knowledge of Javascript and DHTML is a plus. Able to use Dreamweaver a MAJOR PLUS.

So far the website has been run by one designer using Dreamweaver. The site is located on Angelfire. If you wish to apply to help out please use this Contact us link and leave me information about what you're familiar with (javascript, html, programs) and at least 1-2 examples of webpages you have designed or co-designed. There is no pay for the job, it's for credentials and the joy of the game. We will try to give you a few pluses through SWG (free items, money, etc.).





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Star Wars Galaxies April 15th 2003 release date pushed back. New release date: Unknown!


Monday, March 31

THX Clan is up and online. About time!

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