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As just about everyone knows, each society needs a government in order to run correctly. Because of this rule of thumb we have decided to devise a governmental plan for the THX Clan. This Plan consists of four offices, a set of Jedi commandments, and a constitution. Those not willing to follow the simple structure of the THX community will be punished for their actions. We hope to establish a court system of some sort to make justice in the lands of Star Wars.

The Constitution will be written by the heads of the THX Government. It will be a brief document describing what actions are unnecessary in our society. The Jedi commandments are going to be a loose copy of the biblical commandments and Jedi morals. The commandments are only a guide as to how to live the way of the Jedi, not actual rules.

The four offices held in our government are: President, Vice President, Governor, Mayor. In the future we are thinking about creating more offices with less significant roles (i.e. Sheriff, Military Roles, a UN version of SWG, etc.). But for now we are going to try to elect only four main offices to get us started and allow them to temporarily appoint small roles to assist them.

Below are the basic Descriptions of the Offices and their duties:

All offices:

Ask questions to your citizens to make the best decisions possible. Keep in contact with THX Online to keep them up to date on what you are doing. Make contact with other leaders to expand business and alliances. Keep in mind this is just a very brief description of SOME of the duties. There are many other things the offices will handle.


You are the head of just about everything that THX controls. You converse with your Department of Defense to make sure that our home city is safe. You elect high ranking officials and choose, from a list of qualified applicants, who will become a general. The Term for the President is 150 days.

Vice President:

You are in charge of creating our droid army. Although we are a peaceful clan, we believe in having a large military force of droids to make us a superpower. You must make contacts with droid manufacturers, and with other governmental leaders from different planets. The Term for the President is 150 days. Also, the Vice President is NOT a running partner with the President. He is elected on his own.


You will make contacts with many other leaders from the same planet. Create alliances with them whenever you can. You are in charge of assigning bounty hunters to outlaws that have intruded our lands. You must also hire scouts to keep an eye on our friends and make sure they aren't switching sides behind us. The Governor's term lasts 150 days.


You are head of urban development. You get to rule the city by choosing what goes where. You are also in charge of creating a law enforcement center. You will issue warrants for the arrest of known criminals. The Governor will hire the bounty hunters to find the people you list. The Mayor's term lasts 180 days.






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Star Wars Galaxies April 15th 2003 release date pushed back. New release date: Unknown!


Monday, March 31

THX Clan is up and online. About time!

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