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How do I join?

Simple, just click on the Join link and fill out the short application. By the next day you should receive a member name and password. Use the name and password to enter into the Members section.

Are their any requirements to join?

Not at all. The only reason we ask for you to fill out the application is to help up customize our site to better fit you.

What Do I get by Joining?

By joining a clan you will find that role-playing games can be a whole lot more fun. You begin to develop a large amount of friends quickly and your character develops faster than most non-clan members because of this. If you are a newcomer to online RPG games, joining a clan is a great way to get your feet wet. You learn much faster when you have one on one support.

Will I get lots of Spam by joining, or by requesting the newsletter?

Nope! We promise not to give out any personal information, or to bother you with information you don't wish to have. You will only receive exactly what you ask for (what you sign up for). All newsletters and information that you sign up for through this site are produced by this site.

Where is your city located?

Since the game has yet to be released, we haven't established a homeworld. We plan to do so soon after the games release. The planet will be chosen through a poll given on the website because we think that the members should have a voice about where they want to live.

What type of Government do you have?

We plan on building a democracy with four main governmental offices: The President, Vice President, Governor, and Mayor. To learn about the roles of these offices Click Here. The members of the THX Clan will vote on many issues through online polls. The members will also be elected through online polls.

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Current News:

Star Wars Galaxies April 15th 2003 release date pushed back. New release date: Unknown!


Monday, March 31

THX Clan is up and online. About time!

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Welcome to the THX Clan Webpage. "The way the Force was meant to be" Enjoy your stay!