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This site was created by a huge online RPG fan known as "Yankidank". Not only is he a huge RPG fan, but also a big-time Star Wars Fan. No game could better fit him than Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (also known as SWG).

Many other Clan sites out there devote themselves to single goals, such as manufacturing a droid army, controlling the government, becoming a Jedi, etc. But the THX Clan (named after George Lucas' sound company, which was named after a license plate number) devotes itself to being a true SWG community. We hope to create a fully functioning city that interacts with many other cities, planets, and clans.

The site was unveiled to the public on March 31, 2003 . Fifteen Days before the supposed release date of the video game. Giving a slight head start for members to join before the game was opened up to the general public. But lately we have discovered that the game will not come out for a little while longer. In a way, this can be seen as a good thing. The game will have fewer glitches by the public release, tech support will be ontop of things, and the online clans will be able to grab some extra members before the games release.

We seek players from all over the country, if not the world. It doesn't matter if you are a dancer or a doctor, we can use you in our plans. By joining our Clan you will gain access to information about our community within the Star Wars Galaxy. You will be given chances to participate in elections, you can even run for the Presidency if you are up for the duty! We will vote on just about every important topic ranging from where to base our homeworld, to whether we should wage war against an enemy.

By joining the THX Clan you will be joining a community as real as a suburban town in America. Best of all, we promise not to share any personal information with other sites, or to send you any emails without your request.






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Current News:

Star Wars Galaxies April 15th 2003 release date pushed back. New release date: Unknown!


Monday, March 31

THX Clan is up and online. About time!

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Welcome to the THX Clan Webpage. "The way the Force was meant to be" Enjoy your stay!