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Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the new Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) clan site THX. Use the Links located on the left to become more familiar with what THX is all about. If you are looking for a clan to join check out the Join section to see why we may be the right clan for you. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, Star Wars Video Games, and many of the Role Playing Games being offered today (i.e.: Everquest, Ultima, Diablo, etc.).

As many of you SWG fans already know, becoming a Jedi is a very tough thing to do. The game designers made sure to make it nearly impossible to become a Jedi so that it would make the role of a Jedi much more honorable, the way it should be. Many members of the THX Clan hope to become a Jedi, and that's why they joined. Becoming a Jedi can be a lot easier when you have a clan of friends by your side.

THX Government Openings

We will be holding elections for The THX Government ten days after the official release date of Star Wars Galaxies. The Government will hold four major offices: President, Vice President, Governor, and Mayor. These offices are crucial in creating a proper community. Mayor's role will be to watch over the cities and help with urban development. The Governor's role is to maintain foreign relations and help the Mayor in some situations. The President and Vice President will have the most important role. They will establish foreign relations, command the army of droids and humans, and many other duties. Generals are another huge role in the SWG community, but they are not elected. Instead Generals must earn their stars on the battlefield. Please refer to this site for more information about the Government.





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Current News:

Star Wars Galaxies April 15th 2003 release date pushed back. New release date: Unknown!

Monday, March 31

THX Clan is up and online. About time!

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Which planet should we build our city on?

To be fair on deciding where to base our city, we have created a poll. The answer that gets the majority of the votes in the poll will become our homeworld, so make sure to vote! The poll will end 7 days after the release of the video game (whenever that will be). Make sure you research the planets before voting by clicking on the link below.

Here's a link to descriptions and pictures of the available worlds.

Welcome to the THX Clan Webpage. "The way the Force was meant to be" Enjoy your stay!