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All about Peter

What's new in Peter's life? Zelda Zelda Zelda, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, he is on a mission to win a Nintendo game called Zelda Windwaker. He gets to be a little boy that is from the forest that gets called upon to help others and defeat all that is in his way. Pete is working at the Hollywood Video store as a shift leader, where he has to perform managerial tasks in order to become a manager of a store someday. He loves movies especially The Lord of The Rings trilogy and recomends everyone to see all of them if you haven't already done so.

Peter and the Puppy

This is Pete and Dragon with their matching sweaters. Aren't they cute together. Can everyone say awww, all together now.

Peter and Nana

This is the cutest picture of Peter and his Nana. He loves his Nana sooooo much, and says the nicest things about her, from when she lived with him and his family some years ago.

Peter and Nana

This is a picture from a family reunion last year. Peter is in the middle of his Mother, Cheryl, and his brother, David. They all have a close love for each other which can never be broken.