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            The Cat Project of NH


        The Cat Project of NH is a small scale Feral Cat rescue Program based in Farmington, NH. Since 2001, The Cat Project has been responsible for the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of 143 Cats and Kittens who have come from an outdoor, environment and who had possessed the typical temperament of a feral cat.

            Though we view any kind of animal rescue as an honorable deed, we recommend that if you have a feral cat that you are looking to relocated or possibly rehabilitate, you should definitely investigate feral cat information further, and if possible get a trained professional to handle the cat. The information on this website is not intended as a tutorial, or a how- to on Feral Cat Rescues, however we encourage you to do your best in a situation where a feral cat needs your assistance.

        Feral Cats generally live in small groups that resemble lion prides. There are typically several females and one or two males. Unfortunately in this day and age, Feral Cats are more of a nuisance than a part of nature, and are subject to many dangers that both shorten their lives and make it harder for them to live it easily. The unforgettable fact we all face when we see a feral cat is the fact that a human put him in that situation.

        In America, there are over sixty million feral cats, a by product of human negligence. Accidental litters, abandonment, and allowing cats to roam outdoors are all contributing factors to the explosive feral cat population.

     Little by little, independent rescuers and Large-scale organizations are working day and night to make feral cats and their suffering history.