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TFiYA has had many elite gamers pass through its gates, alumni such as LifeLiquid, edge head, black oasis, EKLYPZxxx...they have all moved on and now a new face of mechassault is slowly emerging. The names still remain familiar to anyone who has established a reputation in this game. Mech II is now upon us with a completely different gameplay style which will emphasize on teamwork, communication and mech diversity...with these 3 attributes, TFiYA intends on being a force in mechassualt II. we are currently looking for new members and if youre interested in gaming with dudes that believe in the philosophy that communication is key, and a group that utilizes teamwork can defeat a better skilled team...then youre our kinda guy. The roster consists of Haywire, E TU BRUTUS, BearWhiz, King Malachi, IxI Polar IxI, MOTION LOTION and Dark Minion.

TFiYA is now putting lots of focus towards HALO II. TFiYA is already a decent clan with a good mix of skill, co-ordination, communication and comaraderie. we are currently a level 10 clan and consider ourselves to be a better then average clan. always looking to add another character dude. If you have any comments or questions regarding TFiYA, feel free to email the webmaster at or use the link below. the link has given problems in the past, so if the link fails just cut and paste the email.

TFiYA GAMES (active)


TFiYA (clan id 434) is now 8-0 on the gamebattles ladder and 5-0 in the '05 spring season. TFiYA are available to play wednesdays and saturdays. (11pm EST or later) TFiYA is slowing down on competition due to lack of available players. We are now seriously looking into adding some fresh faces to TFiYA. Looking for strong VTOLs, POVs and mech pilots...preferably catapults and madcats. hit up the email below if you would like a tryout with TFiYA.