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mililani airsoft

"...At Wolf we've just got the brand new Tokyo Marui Desert (note the Marui spelling) and oh my God…. It's wonderful. No really, this isn't a retailers plugging their product, they really are that good. I don't care where your readers buy one from but they NEED one (especially if they've just seen the Matrix Reloaded). The gun doesn't feature much in the way of metal parts but is very heavy (note I was impressed with the weight when I took it out of the box, and the I put the magazine in it!). Ergonomically it is very comfortable even with my smallish hands, Marui have again used their rubberised plastic for the grip ensuring a snug shooting hold. Cocking the action is justification the cost along… "chung-chung". The blow-back has even been modelled on the real Eagle's bolt for added realism. However I would suggest using both hands to shoot it; the recoil, well…. The recoil, the new Marui "Hard Kick" system is perhaps the most impressive yet I've seen on any New Generation GBB pistol, even with 134a (naturally you "should use this) it is impressive in this spell of hot weather we're having. I haven't had a chance to test it's accuracy fully but over 15 metres the grouping was within 5-10cm which isn't bad for me considering I'm a lousing shot, and the powerful Kick. Power-wise the gun is kicking out a very mean 324 fps using a White Devil 0.2bb and Thunderstorm gas. A standard Marui… Ouch! This combined with the huge magazine capacity means that the Eagle could be a real contender for pistol skirmishing for taking into account it's steady weight a real IPSC beasty. This may sound a bit of a rant but I'm highly impressed

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