Stafford Strikeforce: Soccer Jokes  

Q: What does a soccer player and a magician have in common?

A: Both do hat tricks

Q: Why are soccer players never asked to dinner?

A: Because they're always dribbling.

Q: Why did the soccer player hold his shoe to his ear?

A: Because he likes sole music.

Q: Why didn't the dog want to play soccer?

A: Because he was a Boxer.

Q: Which insect didn't play well in goal?

A: The fumble bee.

Q: How did the soccer field get all wet?

A: The players dribbled all over it.

Q: What tea do soccer players drink?

A: Penaltea

Q: Where do soccer players dance?

A: At a soccer ball

Q: What did the bumble bee striker say?

A: Hive scored

Q: What lights up a soccer stadium?

A: A soccer match

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