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The daily Warb (not my idea)

well, this is here as well jack told me to.

incidentaly i here by apoloigse for any crappy content on this site, its all jacks doing!

well back to the actuall point of this little usless piece of text, this is to let any one who cares what smash hahmen are up to and if they have got any vuagly interesting plans.

so...well jack and his hair..he is actually thinking of getting it cut! apparently it is to do with some wedding and such..

ah yes, 2day ged jack and warby had a banquet...we feasted upon potatoey snacys and scampi, and a bit of pizza aswell...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tasty stuff. so there we were, monching away and listening the smash hahmen(o corse!) and well my dad came home! so in a hurried and paniced fashion ged whipped off his fire warden top and hid it upder the sofa, we then sat there hoping he wouldnt see the moutians of food...he did. at this point we decied it was best 2 eat the rest of our food, finish what was left in our goblets and leave and go back up stair to continue our 'revision'(aka dossing about and proabbaly forgetting stuf we used to the spelling of probbably)

other stuff that people may wanna know...SHAUN LOVES THE RASMUS!!!!

Little about them:
Shaun: Shaun is a strange character by that I mean he is abnormally tall.
He kicks the ass on drums and I believe in the future he will marry jack
Shaun also sings which is amazing

Dave: Dave enjoys his facial expressions
Dave plays guitar in the band, rhythm guitar that it
Dave also sings and reaches inhumanely high notes

Ged: Ged is the owner of the recording equipment Hes rubbish at everything and does nothing in the band he is just used for his recording equipment
He plays lead guitar and sings
Also reaches inhumanely high notes, he wrote the only good song, chicken tika masala

Jack: Jack likes to be in the band simply because he likes to be around boys
He pretends he plays bass and sings in a high-pitched accent
His love for his hair drove him to insanity at a young age and hes hoping to get a haircut to become normal again
He dislikes being compared to Steve, who everyone else calls Steve-o.
He sadly admits hes known Steve for just to long, damn lemonade!!!!!!

Warby: Im not even in the band but I made the website so Ill be in the band dammit!!!
I am going to sing in a few of their songs I love Blink 182
I fantasize over Tom Delonge mmmmmmmmmmm

let it be known jack wrote the above bio's...