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Letters Section updated 8/28

8/28: Local Student Can't Get Ass! Read more here.

5/9: CG Teacher tackles 12 year old girl after defeat in Mini Marathon read more here

5/5: Another Bad Asses Article: Parking Lot Antics

5/3:Administration Asserts Supreme Power by Removing Paper Plates

5/2:CG Times: Under Fire

5/1:School Convocation Disturbs, Frightens, Bores

5/1:Meet the Beavers

4/30: All of the letters relating to the cheating scandal have been compiled into one page. ReadThe Geometrygate File.

4/30:A prominent beaver speaks out about the plite of his species. Read the press release

4/29:Beavers invade CG! read about it

4/28:Keep the Fire Burning

4/28:Why the T-----eer Sucks(anomymous ariticle)

Geometrygate: Busted read about it here

New article for guys: Being Smart About Prom

Anonymous article: Bad Asses

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