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The =(SS)=

§skins, joining, and other stuff.

The SS clan was oce a clan that dominated JK2. And that clan is in the process of reuniting right now. Our former name the Sith Shadows has been cast off from bad memories. But now we are back andwith soem of the former members too. Tabatron is the driving force behind this clan, and gets the job done also. Currently, we are at war with no other clans... i dont know how it can stay that way with all those other inferior clans out there we may just be looking for world, i mean jk2 domination... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once there was a S|th who desired a weapon to battle against the JeD| with, for his Very own. and so he found the Red rock crystals, to create a saber the sith could call its own. And there were no longer Lightsabers, but S|thSabers.(i dont know why i just made it up off the top of my head.)