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Sam*antha* Wattson

Bending Over and Falling on a Slong

Im Sam i love men
myname is sam and i am gay
ill bend over for you anytime (MEN ONLU) - SAM
My name is Sam and i am gay yes i am!

Sam Watts... Hello all my name is *Sam*antha i am an 18 year old man who well i love men lets just say that and i enjoy well you know being bent over a table and well falling on a few Slongs here and there *ha* So if you are interested please contact me on Aol Aim at Ahumahi04. I am 18 years old so i am of legal age to do stuff with please remember this and dont be afraid i dont bite. I also would like to say that well i am a little over weight but dont let that throw you off guard i am still excellent in the bedroom well IM Me sometime Thanks. Facts about Sam Watts 1. I have been gay ever since i was around 13 2. I have a secret crush on these people - Adam/Phil and Jim I am Sam and I Am Gay and i Love You This site is really to show the true men that i have strong sexual feelings for such as Adam/Phil and Jim, I have not told them yet but i am prepared to see their reactions i feel that i am in love with all of them.. What i do best (What We Do) What i do is well i have tried to hide my self all my life and now i am coming out of the closet, yes the closet. What i do is well i would like to have sex with atleast over 500 men by the age of 50 and atleast 2000 blow jobs well if you can help me on this matter then please contact me. THERE ARE PICTURES OF ME HERE, THE ONLY PICTURE ON HERE IS ME :) E-mail and tell me what you think :)