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Mining is useful in two ways you can sell the ores for money or use them to smith. what you are going to need is a pick axe to mine (any kind) and know mining areas

The different types of ores

There are seven types of ores to types of precious metal and four types of gem. Clay, tin, copper, and any gem each require 1 mining level to mine. You gain 5 exp. for clay for tin and copper you gain 17.5 exp. but gain no exp. for mining gems. To mine iron you need to be level 15 it gives you 35 exp. Coal requires level 30 mining and gives 50 exp. Mithril reequires level 55 mining and gives 80 exp. Next is adamantite you need level 70 and it gives 95 exp. Last is Runite Ore which you need to be level 85 mining and it gives 125 exp.

Precious metals

There are two kinds of precious metals on RS one is silver and the other is gold. silver requires level 20 mining and gives 40 exp. and gold is Level 40 and gives 65 exp.

Special Events