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Fish is a great source of food but first you need to know where to find the fish, what to use to catch them, and the exp. they give you for catching them.

The stuff

(from left to write) the net is used to catch shrimp and anchovies. The next item is the fishing rod used with fishing bait to catch sardine, pike, and herring. Next is the fly fishing rod its used with a feather to catch salmon and trout. Now the harpoon is used to capture Tuna and sword fish. last is the lobster pot used to catch lobster.

The fish

heres a chart of the fish what level you need to catch them and what stuff you need to catch them

Fishing spots

Here are a list of fishing spots and what kind of fish are there.

  • In Draynor behind the bank(fish there are shrimp, sardines, herring, and anchovies).
  • Barbarian village near bridge (fish there are Trout and Salmon).
  • Lumbridge near goblin house (fish there are trout, salmon, and pike).
  • karamja on the dock (fish there are lobster, swordfish, Tuna, shrimp, sardine, herring, and anchoives.
  • around ice giants cave fish there unknown