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Rambo 是一隊來自美國費城的 hardcore 樂隊, 他們的歌曲主要以快速, 重型為主, 歌詞涉及無政府主義, 宗教, 生活上的種種體驗.

Rambo hail from Philadelphia, USA and play heavy, fast, and thrashy hardcore that has great sing-alongs and mosh parts all over the place. Their lyrics span a variety of topics including riding bikes ('U-lock Justice'), moshing ('Bike, Skate, Mosh'), riots ("Wall of Death the System"), anarchy ("Circle That A Motherfucker"), religion ("No Circle Pits in Heaven") and a whole bunch of other important shit.

Rambo 即將展開 2004 亞洲巡迴演出, 並於二月十八日在香港演出一場, 請大家多留意本站更新內容, 希望大家到來享受 Rambo 的音樂和他們一起唱!

Rambo will be touring Asia in early 2004, and will play a show in Hong Kong on April 12. Visit this site again soon for more details!


U-Lock Justice
Circle That 'A' Motherfucker
No Circle Pits in Heaven
All The Assholes Are Heroes Now

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