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On being a Dale Jr. fan

From: Ted & Anita in Ohio
We receive emails from our membership in Club E Jr. In August this year we noticed that Dale Jr. would be testing at Kentucky Speedway on August 20. Hubby asked his boss for the day off since he had some unused vacation time and we took off on the 2 hour drive down there in hopes that we'd get a good observation spot to watch him test.

We had a great spot to watch near the track's fan center. Kerry was there too that day and watching the brothers on the track working to get better and better was just the coolest thing. RCR was testing there that day also.

There were some very young fans there too who just kept begging the tour guide for a ride down to the garage area and she kept telling them it was off limits that day. She was doing receptionist duties and couldn't get away plus the teams were working and didn't want fans down there in the way. Finally,the girls in that group talked a groundskeeper into begging a track tour for us (the tours are only $5) and by the time Dale Jr. and the others were wrapping up testing around 5pm, we were loading into the track van and ended up down at the garage area 5 ft away from Dale Jr. and Kerry!

We were not permitted to get out of the van but we did get pictures of the guys finishing up in the garage and a pic of Dale Jr. as he walked past the van. We were just so happy with our day -we had spent the whole day there at the track watching from 8:45 a m to 5 p m and that was the perfect ending!

Dale Jr. is a very focused and hard working driver-we wish more people could have seen his dedication to his job that day-and the gr8 smiles and waves that he and Kerry gave us as they were leaving.

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