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On meeting Dale Jr.

From: Stephanie, TX
Jr. had a book signing on April 4th 2002 in Grapevine Texas. Which is very close to Lewisville Tx. which is where I live!! I begged my mom to go and she decided that she would go with me. I was so excited I was about to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. The book singing was until 5:00 pm, but we left our house at 11:00 am. and arrived to the Barnes and Nobles book store at 11:30 am. There was already over 300 people there some spent the night in the parking lot! Well we stood in line and I met a really cool girl named Sarah who is the same age as me which is 19. We had to wait about 6 hours until Jr. arrived. Jr. arrived around 4:30 pm. so he was early, but they still didn't start the book signing unitl 5:00 pm. Jr. had to do news interviews so we had to wait. Anyway when they started the book signing we were about #279 out of about 800 people, so we got in early. We made it in the book store at about 6:15 pm. and there was Jade and Jr. signing away! We weren't aloud to take pictures with Jr. because it was making the line move too slow I was a little mad about that. We first came up to Jade who was siting to the right of Jr. and he asked us "how we were doing", and we said 'fine". Then Jr. looked up at me and asked me when we got here and I told him around 11:30 am. Then he said "wow thats not too bad some people camped out", and I told him "I know they were crazy" he lauged he thought I was funny! Then I wished him good luck on Sunday and I got that famous Jr. wink, and he said "thank you"!! It turns out that not everyone got to chat with Jr. because the line moved so fast so I felt very lucky I got to chat a little with him even though it was like 30 seconds! After I got my book signed I said goodbye to my new friend Sarah and me and my mom left we got home around 8:00 pm. This was my first time to meet Jr. and I hope it is not my last! Jr. you made my day you are the bomb! I wish you all the luck in the world and many Winston Cup championships!!! Luv ya!!

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