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On being a Dale Jr. fan

From: Lauri in Cincinnati, Ohio
I really love watching Jr. each week . I have been watching for a long time and have been impressed with him and his team. It breaks my heart that he is under so much pressure constantly. We always strive to exceed expectations. The expectations set for Jr. are incredible and it must be hard to cope, especially with his disclosures about the California wreck. I am glad he still gets to "play". I loved hearing about "clearing the land"...the bush-hogs...four wheelers...and yes, God help me...the chainsaw, with a muffler yet...I can hear the Tim Allen grunts now! What a mental picture...I am cracking up just thinking about it.

The truly amazing part is that I almost believe he has missed his calling....let me explain. It seems to me that almost everything he touches turns to gold. (i.e.-gaming, advertising, books, ownership, music, etc.) Is he able to enjoy the "fruits of his labor"? Doubtful with all the pressure and scrutiny surrounding everything he does. And, I wonder if he is "spread too thin" or is he "testing his wings" for his strengths in case this all goes away. Though it appears he recognizes this and may explain the contract delay with DEI. Should I be offering my opinion on these topics? Probably not, but I am as guilty as the next, well not in his face, but should I know as much about the man as I do? No. Shame on me. (These last three sentences are not a commentary on what you do. I love what you do - keep us informed.) I believe he has chosen his "inner" circle well, which adds to his strength. I have a feeling his sister helps to ground him and keep his sanity. Something is missing...and my bet is that when he isn't will be delivered to him on a silver platter and my prayer is that he will recognize it and hold on for all he is worth. Then we will see the final product and my guess is that " we will be old and gray before we see the likes of him again".

I am just not sure what that "something" is yet.

I can't wait for 'Dega...he gave me a great birthday present on my birthday with that win...and I believe he needs to give himself an early birthday present there too. Don't get me wrong...I look forward to each race, but I love 'Dega.

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