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On meeting Dale Jr.

From: Karen (La.3fan), LA
One afternoon last Aug (2001), Jr. came to Baton Rouge to do a Q&A. Some people brought things to give him and the staff would take them and put them on a table in front of the stage. Then the young man in this picture came up. He had just won a medal in the Special Olympics a few weeks before. He wanted Jr. to have his medal. The staff let him through the roped off area and he went up on stage. Jr took the medal and talked with him. Then put the medal in his pocket. It was very touching. There was also a young woman who was visibly ill with MS or Muscular Dystrophy. She was standing next to me. I don't remember what her question was but when she came back to her place in the crowd after she asked it, she was sooo happy. All of us standing around her were just happy for her because Jr had made her day!! She also gave him some roses. I went there to see Jr. and was glad I got to see him, but what was even better was seeing how he treats his fans and how happy he made 2 special people. I have told many people that my husband and I were big fans of Dale Sr. We felt lost when he died. Even though we had followed Jr's career since he raced at Myrtle Beach, we did not automatically think of him as "our man" when his dad died. We do now. It is because of who he is, not who is father was. So Jr., thanks for being you. Don't ever think that your fans are just cheering for you because of your father. All that screaming you hear ... that cheer's for you!

P.S. Of course the other highlight of the Q&A was:
Question - Boxers or Briefs?
Answer - "Boxers, cotton" and then he added that cotton was easier to wash. - I guess he really does do his own laundry! :)

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