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What Dale Jr Means to Me

From: Bryanna, MN
If it wasn't for Dale Jr. I would not be as close with my family as I am today, namely my step-father Aaron. I always loved Aaron we just never really talked about anything. I never knew what to say to him. Then NASCAR happened.

I never gave NASCAR much thought. All I knew was that my step-dad and uncles really like it. It all started in the beginning of the 2001 season. One Sunday I wandered into the living room, sat down next to Aaron, and started watching the race. I was not paying attention and I was getting bored quick. Then a picture of Dale Jr. popped up on the screen and I thought 'wow he's cute!' I finally had someone to cheer for, so I started paying attention and asking questions. Soon I knew everything about the sport. The same goes for my uncle Bryan. He recently took me and his two daughters to our first race in Michigan. I was on cloud nine the entire weekend and it made my uncle really happy to see how much I was enjoying myself. I'm now a stock car driver in training and Aaron will be my crew chief. On Sundays when we watch races together, we bond. I credit Dale Earnhardt Jr. with the wonderful relationship I have with my step dad and the rest of my family.

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