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On being a Dale Jr. fan

From: Brandi (aka BristolChic)
Over the years, my life has been affected by many individuals that I have been blessed to know, as well as by others that I have never met. Some of my heroes have raised me to know right from wrong, as well as have taught me wonderful lessons (life lessons) along the way. Some of my heroes risk their lives daily in order to maintain the freedom that we have in this rapidly changing world. Some of my heroes live their lives in a manner that I can only strive to emulate. Some of my heroes live in nearby areas geographically, while others live on TV and in countless magazine articles. These individuals don’t wear suits of armor, but one of them does wear a different type of uniform - a uniform that is typically topped off by dark sunglasses and a baseball cap worn backward.

I am sure that I could write for days listing the reasons why this individual has been such an inspiration to me. His strength of character (in my eyes) is immeasurable. He appears to be a true gentleman with a heart of gold - in a day when this caliber of person seems hard to find. He has been forced to grow up and mature at a much more accelerated pace that any of us Generation X-ers could ever dream possible, yet he has handled it like a pro. When it is so obvious that he has little time for himself, he continues to graciously share his time with the fans that love and support him.

Even though I have met him only twice - and for only a few minutes at that - Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has taught me lessons that the world’s most distinguished professors have been unable to teach. Through his actions (both on and off the track), he has taught me how important it is to believe in myself and in all those who surround me. He has taught me that regardless of what kind of hand I am dealt in life, I will be able to survive it (and hopefully become a stronger person as a result). Perhaps more importantly, he has taught me to not take special people and things for granted - they may not always be there. For these reasons, I will forever be grateful (and will forever be a fan).

Junior, I realize that you may never get a chance to read this - but if by some small chance you do: “I wish you the absolute best that this world has to offer you - all the health, success, happiness, and fun that you can possibly stand. For the last several years, I have wanted to thank you in person for being my “hero.” Unfortunately, the autograph lines move so quickly that I have never gotten a good opportunity to do so. I thought that this post could possibly be the next best thing. Please give me the opportunity to thank you so much for simply being you. Your honesty and openness, as well as the way you include your vast legion of fans into your life, is a gift that we will never take for granted. In this world, heroes are few and far between...but with you, I feel as though I found one that is worthy of the distinction.”

In closing, it is only a matter of time before you will be headlining the banquet at the Waldorf. Until that time (and beyond), you can count on this Tennessee girl as one of your “true” fans.

See you at the races....

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