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On being a Dale Jr. fan

From: Amy, Canada
Hail from Canada, and the "far east" of North America!

I live in a part of this country where must people have only a vague idea of what NASCAR is. While I've never actually been to a track, I live, sleep, and breathe NASCAR. I spend far too much time at work poking around the Pit Board and I watch every race from the comfy sofa in my basement (see the picture of me in my regular "NASCAR seat" -- note the picture was taken before the pizza and beer arrived!).

I must admit, I was (and still am) a hardcore Dale Sr fan. Since I am the proverbial poor student, it was my life goal to see him race after my college graduation. I'm now in my last year, so I sadly never got that chance. I guess this has taught me to simply make these things happen now and to worry about the logistics of it later. After Dale Sr's death, I, like so many other people, turned to Dale Jr to try and fill the huge void that was left in my heart. I finally realized that wasn't fair to Jr. I felt like I witnessed him grow up in front of the camera after his father's passing. Now, I can see him for his own merits, as an individual as well as a driver. He has proven to me and the entire racing community that he is definitely his own person as well as a gifted race car driver. He has wonderful charisma off the track and I find his honesty is a real breath of fresh air. And its super cool that he loves video games like me!

I'll be rooting for you always Jr, no matter how much rotten luck you face week after week. We know your day is coming!

Go Jr & Brew Crew!!!

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