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FBDJ Challenge #2

Photo by GREG GAGE

Junior: In his best Ward Burton voice (notice the mouth over to the side):
"Well, we raced the #22 CAT Dodge hard, we threw our heel pads hard..."
DJ: **Thinking to himself** "Hehehe...Oh Jr, you think you're so funny-and I ain't even listen' to ya"
Submitted by Gracie

"I can't blame ya, I wouldn't want to drive that danged 'ole truck either!"
Author unknown

DJ: "I said no!"
JR: "Pleeease!"
DJ: "The answer is NO!"
JR: "Well if you aren't gonna then the least you can do is let me drive the big brown truck!"
Submitted by Jennifer

Jr: Okay, Dale, on three, we both jump on these pogo sticks and we'll bounce right on past the Lizards.
Submitted by Debbie

Alan Beswick walked past them with a kick me sign on his back. Wally Dallenbach put it there!
Submitted by Deb Tortorea

Thanks to all who submitted! What a talented, funny bunch of fans Jr. has! :)