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Jr. appreciation week

Dale Jr. Pit Stop
Page updated 10/22/02

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On being a Dale Jr. fan

From: Barbara in Maine
I believe Dale Jr. is fulfilling the legacy of his father wonderfully well. He is so talented. He also seems to be so humble, and down to earth. For me...Nascar and Dale Jr. have (sort of) given me a reason to enjoy life again. For the last 7 years have been in a deep depression because of the loss of my husband of 39 years. Couldn't seem to get over it. Then decided to retire when I turned 65 in 2000. Had all kinds of bad things happen, but started to watch the races to keep my mind busy. [read more]

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    Kids & Dale Jr.
    From: Robin, MI
    My cousin, Becky, and her fiance, Scott are big NASCAR fans. They have a daughter together whose name is Haley (she is four). She is a mini-NASCAR fan. Their household is extremely odd because Scott is a huge Jeff Gordon fan and Becky is not. She is a Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. fan. [read more]

    From: Kenz, IL
    I am a VERY big Jr. fan and so is my dad. I have a 3 year old sister, Addie, who watches the races with us. Well, since she's only 3 she can't say really long words or in this case, Dale Earnhardt Jr. So, she says Hardt, Jr. [read more]

    On meeting Dale Jr.

    From: Maureen, NJ
    My husband and I ventured to Philly (Philadelphia, PA) to the Philadelphia Car Show back in January 2002. Jr. was to make an appearance which I could not wait. I had bought the tickets months before. Finally, getting to see JR up close. After going to my first race (Busch Race in Nazareth, PA) three years before I was hooked from the get go. We waited for four hours in line to my husbands dismay.[read more]

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    What Dale Jr. Means to Me

    From: Bryanna, MN
    If it wasn't for Dale Jr., I would not be as close with my family as I am today, namely my step-father Aaron. I always loved Aaron we just never really talked about anything. I never knew what to say to him, then NASCAR happened.
    [read more]

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