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Jr. appreciation week

Dale Jr. Pit Stop

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Which of these tracks do you think Jr. will get a win at this season?

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Your Dale Jr Appreciation pics!
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Pics by Dalejrdiva82

Adrian and Jr at WC Preview in Jan 2002

DE8JRFAN's 2 1/2 year old son Dakota and
his special Dale Jr room!

Karen ( La.3fan )'s Pics from Talladega!

Karen ( La.3fan )'s pics from a Q&A in Baton Rouge. CLick HERE to read her story about it!

JT! (Gray shirt)

Jan A.K.A. N2H20MICH at MIS 6/16/02!

Jr before Drivers Introductions from cwatson8!

Renee's Jr AND Jade pics!!

Rhonda with Jr on March 21, 2002 while Jr was in town for a Kid Rock Concert!

Pics by Deb taken at a Boarders book signing in Richmond!

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