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Jr. appreciation week

Dale Jr. Pit Stop

Newsletter update
Things are in full swing with the newsletter. I've received a lot of great feedback, so every newsletter keeps getting better and better. Thanks!

The newsletter
As Dale Jr's popularity and fan base grows, so does his existence on the Internet. From this idea came another: the FBDJ newsletter, a weekly guide to Dale Jr., both on and off the Web.

The newsletter, out in e-mail every Wednesday, contains race info, stats, quotes, appearance info, Web sites dedicated to Dale Jr., links to articles, and of course, a lot of fan input. If you're interested in receiving the newsletter, e-mail the editor. You can also view the first issue.

Miss an issue? E-mail the editor with the issue number and/or date.

UPDATE: Fans Behind Dale Jr. is going to continue! The week-long fan tribute looks like it might go all season long. Thanks to everyone!

The beginning
Fans Behind Dale Jr. was born on the Dale Jr. Pit Stop (link on left side of page). When Jackie and Steph (TweedleBud) decided to get together and create a week long web page of appreciation. If the Jr. stories and photos keep coming in then it will be an ongoing thing instead of a week long tribute. So it's up to all the fans! If you would like to contribute a story or picture, just e-mail Jackie with a story or Steph with a photo!

So sit back and enjoy the outpouring of admiration from the best fan base in the world... Dale Jr. Fans!

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