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Don't wait, space is limited! P.L.A.N. only takes on a certain number of bands/year, so contact us immediately. You will recieve a response within 24 hours, which we gaurantee in order to show our dedication. Please email us to join. Include your band name, web site address, a detailed description on your goals and type of music, and a return e-mail address. Prices of membership are listed below.

ALSO: SEND US YOUR BAND STICKERS, PINS, CD'S, T-SHIRTS, POSTERS, ETC., WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT TO JOIN. We Will use these items and hand them out at shows, poster them up, wear them, and so on to help promote your band - even if you are not a member of our team. Email us at to do so!

Length of Membership Cost
Trial (3 Months) $15
6 Months $20
1 Year $35

More Information
Of course, these prices are kept extremely low because many of our employees are, or have been, in bands at one point or another. Prices are negotiable, just contact us. We know that many of you have little to no money, and that is why we are all volunteers, and gain absolutely no profit from our work. All funds go directly into your account, and is put towards promoting your band. You can even check your account status, to see exactly where your funds are going. To check your account status, email us. Include your band name and location.

Think of it this way - If there are 4 members in your band, you each pay $3.75 for a THREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP, only $5 for a SIX MONTH MEMBERSHIP, and under $9 each for a FULL YEAR MEMBERSHIP! Don't hesitate - join now!

To join, email your information - we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

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