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Each year the teachers get the chance to look over their large roll sheet and single out one student who has made their year a little brighter.

"The lighthouse is a time when teachers come together to honor a student who has inspired them this past year, but it is the students who honor the teachers through their acts of selflessness, courage, and positive attitude," assistant principal Mr. Johnson said.

The ceremony took place May 5th in the auditorium for all the students and teachers involved. This gave a chance for guests to be present and share in their honor.

"The lighthouse ceremony is an inspiring and exciting annual event and this year’s program is the best we’ve ever had. We were able to include parents and the refreshment area in the commons was great because we could visit with the families," psychology teacher Mr. Tupper said.

The teachers enjoy this award ceremony because sometimes the students are unaware of their actions.

"The kids have no idea how much they inspire us," government teacher Ms. Breland said.

There were several speakers, including Mayor Mike Anderson. Students Eric Fischer, Tony Quarles, Katie Watson, and Tania Zurita spoke, in honor of receiving an award. The words spoken gave the lighthouse participants a sense of importance.

"It was a very encouraging ceremony and it made me feel like something I did mattered," senior Kerry Bankhead said.