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Who is Talk America? Talk America is an integrated communications provider offering local, long distance and dial-up Internet telecommunications services to residential and small business customers across the United States. Talk America created this distinctive offering after 10 years as a long distance provider, serving over a million customers nationwide. The Company delivers value in the form of savings, simplicity and quality service based on the efficiency of its low-cost, nationwide network and the effectiveness of its systems that interface electronically with the Bell Operating Companies.

All of Talk America's features are accessible on one simple, integrated bill, which can be easily paid at via secure credit card processing, eliminating the need for monthly paper bills, stamps, envelopes and checks. Talk America brings it all together to offer consumers a complete communications package. The Talk America Infrastructure Talk America continues to set new standards in telecommunications service. The Company's investment in a scalable OSS platform integrates marketing, provisioning, billing, collections, customer service, reporting and real-time operations to drive productivity and efficiency. This state-of-the-art OSS infrastructure allows Talk America to rate millions of calls each day; change pricing plans, promotions and features on a dime; process and provision orders in record time; and provide caring and personalized customer service. Talk America's proprietary OSS platform features an automated Internet-based Order Processing Systems (OPS) that completes the order process, including order placement, credit check, and service provisioning, in five minutes. Talk America has also implemented a Collections Management Systems (CMS) that allows the management of collections issues in real time. Additionally, Talk America has its own nationwide telecommunications network, consisting of company owned, Lucent manufactured 5ESS-2000 switches connected by leased fiber transmission facilities, providing service to millions of Talk America's end users. Talk America takes pride in providing customers a full range of telecommunications services that offer value, simplicity and real time solutions for consumers that desire choice and convenience.