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Date: August 4th 2002

Place: Bethlehem PA

Venue: Muzik Fest


Date: March 3rd 2003

Place: Baltimore Maryland

Venue: Power Plant Live

My Review

well we got there around 4:30 and were trying to find where it was because there wasnt any people around or anything! so we went and asked the guy up in have a nice day cafe and he told us where it was. so we went down there and there was only about 5 people there and some people working on the stage! so we got an awesome spot and sat there for a couple hours! then we went and got a smoothie from this little stand place. then went back to our spot! my friend was like i think i need a napkin!!!!! so he went to get one and Rick and Sean were just standing there talking so i went up there and my friend was like go up to them and say up to them and say hey! but i was soooo nervous!!! but i finally went up and said hey and shook their hand and got a pic with them! they were awesome!! Sean looked really cute in person :p so then they went to eat so we went back and waited for fiction plane to come out! they were pretty good! during their last song the stage crew came out and started taking all their equitment off the stage when they were still playing it! it was funny! then after like 30 minutes lifehouse came on! by then there was alot of people there! They played

Stanley Climbfall
Am i ever gonna find out
Take me away
Sick Cycle Carousel
How long
Just another Name
Somewhere in Between
and Trying and
Hanging by a moment for the encore!

it was a really REALLY awesome set list and an awesome show! Everything a breathing and all of them sounded so good!! as usual! during Hanging the Fiction Plan guys came out and sprayed water all over the guys! and they were trying to mess them up but of course they didnt! it was so funny! then before they went off stage Serge kicked the water bottle and i got wet!

After they left we went and got a shirt! there was sooo many people there i couldnt even get out! but i was in a hurry because i wanted to go out to the bus! I got the shirt with the map on the front! so we made our way out to the bus and since i went there before the show i knew exactually where it was! Rick was the only there but he was talking to the fiction plan guys so we didnt interupt! there was only about 10 people there! I saw this one guy who i met at a sister hazel concert there and he had all these posters and stuff! we waited there for like a half hour then they all came out but the manager guy told us they had to go do the meet and greet stuff but they would come back later! so we were talking to this one girl who had been to 9 shows when all the sudden the bus started to leak and smell really bad! then some guy from the bus came out and was like eww someone dumped the toilets! so we moved because it didnt smell 2 good! so about a half hour later they all came back! and the first one i talked to was serge! i gave him the lifehouse beanie that i made and he was like oh cool! and he put it on! :) then i got him to sign both my cds! then was Jason! i didnt even talk to him that much but i could tell he was really nice! he signed my cds and i got a pic with him! he sounded really good and he looked awesome!! i thought i was gonna be really nervous with jason but since i met rick and sean before i wasnt that nervous! i was till like duuuude i cant believe this! so anyways! next i talked to sean again! i got a pic with him and got him to sign my cds 2! i asked him if he was gonna wear tuxes to the prom they are playing at and he said hopefully but it was really short notice. then i went over near the bus wear rick was cuz i wanted to get his autograph! but the fiction plane guy came over and was trying to get rick with duck tape. so everyone sort of backed up into me and i was holding alot of stuff so i droped no name face!! :( and of course there happens to be a gutter right under me and it just happens to fall down there! the case broke and the part i got autographed fell down the gutter! it sucked but i least i still have stanley! i never got ricks autograph either! but thats ok! i still met all of the guys! we were the last people to leave! it was the bestest night ever!!!


Date: July 5th 2003

Place: Louiville Kentucky

Venue: Jillians

My Review

well i left my house on thursday the 3rd with my dad, we drove for about 3 hours and then got lost in philly. when we finally got 2 kristin's house it was midnight. then the next morning we met karen and karriem (i think thats how its spelled) at the mall at around 9amish. i dont really know them so it was kinda weird at first but after all the time in the car we were like friends we stoped a few time 2 use the bathroom and stuff but we got there pretty quick because there was hardly any traffic! karen and karriem were really good drivers and we didnt even get lost at all! well exept for this one time when we got off an exit to get gas and there was no gas! lol so we finally got there at aroud 9:30 at night. we called ben and eric and pretty much everyone was already there. when we first walked into the run i was really nervous, but we all hung out all night so it was cool. we went around telling our lh stories and getting 2 know eacher other! lol i didnt really have a place 2 stay because i was planning 2 stay with jess and pink lids if they come but they couldnt so i stayed with kristi, cayte, elissa, and kristin (thanks guys!!! ) it was fun i supposably was talking about the tour bus in my sleep so in the morning we get up early and go 2 breakfast.

eric and kristin went down there earlier to hang out and save our spot. we hung out and waited for the certificate to come in the mail. but finally me, karen, and karriem went down 2 jillians. we saw ben, cayte, and elissa so we followed them and when we got there we saw the tour bus first thing. it looked pretty dumpy outside but inside it was pretty nice! we all hung out in this cigar room place and waited. until the manaer guy yelled at us for hanging out and not buying anything and for having our bags. so everyone exept for cayte, kristi, and ben went outside 2 put our stuff in ambers car. we were hanging out talking for a little bit and then sean comes out of the bus. he looked like he just woke up and he was trying 2 get into the place. we told him 2 follow us but he said he didnt want 2 be escorted by 6 girls so we went back in and went 2 lunch. then a couple minutes later serge and sean sit like 3 tables from us. then bens dad comes and wants to takes a group pic, so all 20 of us say stanley climbfall really loud! it was funny, i wonder what the guys were thinking so after that we tried 2 get in touch with mike for a long time. finally kristin and elissa found him and we get our passes and everything set up. we hang out and play some games for a while then me and jen drove ambers car to the gas station and 2 get water bottles we were gonna go 2 wallgreens and get stuff for the bday book, but we almost broke down so we had 2 go to the gas station instead! we got back, hung out and waited some more. the guys were playing games and hanging out for a while. then they went 2 do soundcheck we couldnt go down and watch though i heard alittle of it though. so finally at around 7 we went down! it was really weird lookin, it looked like a rave place or something. it was this dark room with tables on the outside n stuff. mike showed us were our seats were! right in front of the barracade! we talked 2 some jillians guy and then mike and jillians jason came and told us that we could present up on stage because it was 2 little. so we got 2 go backstage instea! so we went backstage and ama, elissa, and kristin did their speech! we all said happy birthday at the end jason seemed to really like it! after that fiction plane sang happy bday 2 him and we went outside, ali gave him her picture she drew for him! it was really good! we took a couple of big group pics and of course they use the one where i have my eyes closed i thought i was dreaming or somthin so then we went back inside 2 our spot and waited for fp 2 come on! they were really good!! our row was the only people that got into it! everyone else was just didnt seem 2 interested. i think i was the only one who knew all the words! i felt really weird... lol they did fallow wich is one of my favorite songs by them so it was awesome! some guy and 2 girls came on stage and told us not 2 use cameras n stuff. then 5 or 10 minutes after lifehouse came on!! sean was on the right, jason, then serge as usual! they started with stanley of course! it was great!!! are you fallling then they did spin, sky is falling, anchor, sick cycle carousel, am i ever gonna find out, just another name, breathing, somewhere in between, *sigh* quasimodo, everything, and take me away! then for the enchor the did something (great song live!) trying, and hbam it was a great set list! and i was right infront of jason! it was so great!!!!

then after the show there was a bunch of pics on the stage and i just grabed one. thats how close i was if i wanted 2 i could of reached out and touched jason! but i didnt of course! then when we were leaving the underground place and fiction plane was selling cds and they gave me a sticker. i would of bought a cd but i already had one with me! haha i was gonna talk 2 them after we got outside and ask them something because there was like a line of people trying 2 get out! but they left early so i didnt get a chance to get an autograph or talk 2 them or anything. so when we got outside we waited around for a little bit and then sean came out! he talked for a couple minutes then went on the bus. then serge i rick came out and they were out for a while! serge was talking 2 these girls the whole time but we were all talking 2 rick! it was so fun! rick is great! then rick went 2 look at the mini coop. so we were chillin waiting for jason. he came out after playing basketball for a while he said he got 91! so people talked 2 him and while everyone was talking 2 him i talked 2 serge for a couple minutes then when jason was about 2 leave i was like hey wait! lol i just said happy birthday and awesome show n stuff! we waited and everyone finally got on the bus and most of the people left. jason went inside 2 take a shower or somthin. we left and went back 2 the hotel room and reflected on what just happened! we took lots of pics and waited for amber because she got lost! kristi heard a duck behind the night stand! and we just hung out and talked all night! cayte went with ben so i didnt have 2 sleep on the floor! although i didnt mind! in the morning we went 2 breakfast again and said goodbye 2 everyone that was still there! it was so sad i didnt want to leave!! the drive back 2 philly was long! took 13 hours! but my dad picked me up from kristins house so by the time i got home it was 15/16 hours! but it was sooo worth it!! i had the best time ever with you guys! i hope we can do it again soon! i am so lucky 2 have met everyone and gotten the chance to have this kind of experiance! i luv you guys! ps- sorry for the spelling errors! its late