Title: When Your Master Wants You Back
Sequel to: When Your Padawan Wants You
Authors: Farore and A
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Rating: PG-13 just to be safe
Genre: Romance and perhaps a bit angsty
Disclaimer: All the original Star Wars characters belong to George Lucas etc. We make no money out of this.
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Chapter 1


It had been two months now. The day when Obi-Wan's padawan, Anakin, had left. And it still hurt so much. 'I loved him', Obi thought, 'Force, I still love him!'

Obi was walking through the Temple halls. He was thinking so hard that he nearly tripped over Yoda.

Yoda: "Watch where you're going you must."

Obi: "I know, I'm sorry. I was just deep in thought."

Yoda: "Thinking your padawan you are?"

Obi: "Yes. It's just that I know he is hurting, a lot, and I feel so helpless. I want to help him. Ease his pain, because if it is even half of what I'm feeling then he must be devastated. And he is all alone."

Yoda just stood there listening to Obi-Wan, who talked his feelings for the first time since his padawan had left. No one really knew what had happened to those two, after all Anakin was gone and Obi-Wan refused to talk about it.

Obi: "I must go and find him. I just can't let him think that I don't even care."

Yoda: "Then go you must."


Shmi was outside watching the dawn. Every day she hoped to see her son again. It had been 10 years since the little boy had left her. She would do anything just to see him even for a little while.

Suddenly she saw a dark figure ahead. She almost screamed and started retreating closer to the farm. But the figure approached her in such a speed she knew she couldn't make it. She turned to face the figure, until she saw his features - it couldn't be!

Shmi: "Annie?"

Annie: "Mum!!"

Anakin reached her and caught her in a warm hug. Tears of joy ran through their faces.

Annie: "I've missed you so much, mum!"

Shmi: "Me too, Annie." After a while she asked: "What brings you here, Annie?"

Annie: "I just wanted to see you"

Shmi could sense something troubling the young man's mind. Although she wasn't Force-sensitive she knew her boy. But she didn't want to spoil the moment on making him tell what was wrong. He would talk eventually.


Owen: "Tell me about your travels, Anakin."

Anakin had learned Shmi was freed and married to a man called Cliegg Lars. He also had a stepbrother Owen now with whom he was hiding behind a large rock. They were spying on some Tusken raiders near the farm.

Anakin: "Nah, there isn't that much to tell." That was a sheer lie, of course there was a LOT to say. But it was yet too painful for him - every little thought reminded of Obi-Wan.

After a moment of silence they decided to leave the Tuskens.

Anakin: "I'm quite sure they're no threat for us. I can't sense anything that could imply them planning an attack on the farm."

Owen: "Better be cautious anyhow."


Obi-Wan had been searching for Anakin a week now. He had visited the places which his precious Annie had liked best. Places where they had been happy. Then it came to him. The happiest time in Anakin's life had been with his mother. The boy really loved her. The reason why Obi hadn't though this possibility before was because he didn't remember his family. So he took his starship and went after Anakin.


Obi-Wan landed on Tatooine. First he went to see Watto. There he found out that Shmi had been sold to a farmer called Cliegg Lars.

On the way to Lars' house thoughts went trough Obi's head. He didn't know what to say to Anakin when he would see him. All he really knew was that he had to find his padawan and- 'then what?' he thought, he didn't know. He just hoped that it everything would just work out somehow. When Obi arrived the house he just stood in front of it a while. Then he took a deep breath and chimed the door bell.

Shmi opened the door.

Shmi: "Yes, may I help you?"

Obi: "Hello. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi and I'm looking for Anakin Skywalker. Is he here? I'm his master."

Shmi: "Oh, you are a Jedi. And no, my son isn't here..."

Hearing this made Obi-Wan almost cry. He wouldn't know any other place to search anymore.

Shmi "...but he'll be home for dinner. Would you like to join us?"

Obi: "Yes, I would. Thank you." Shmi led him in to the house.


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