Title: When Your Padawan Wants You
Authors: A and Farore
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Obi/Ani
Disclaimer: We don't own any of the characters. They're the property of George Lucas etc. We're not making any money out of this.
Summary: Not given by authors.

Chapter 1.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker were meditating in Obi's quarters, legs crossed. Obi-Wan had given him a riddle to solve. They had been sitting for 5 hours already, but although he was 20 years old, Anakin still couldn't get it. After another wrong answer he turned to Obi-Wan, frustrated.

Anakin: "I'm starving, master."

Obi chuckled, as he remembered his youth.

Obi: "So was I when I was your age." But he turned serious again in a second. "Now concentrate."

Annie: "I'm STARVING. Can't we quit and head for the kitchen?"

Obi: "Nope."

Anakin: "Why not?"

Obi: "We're not going anywhere until you find the solution. Understood?"

Annie: "But you know I'm no good in these" He nodded at the silvery handle hanging on to his belt. "Couldn't we just practise sabre duel?" He tried to make as innocent look on his face as possible.

Obi: "Not with the puppy face again..." He sighed. "To become a Jedi you must be patient. You can't always do the things you're good at. Now, continue your assignment!"

Annie's stomach was moaning loudly.

Annie: "But I don't wannaaaa..."

Obi: "QUIT YOUR WHINING! YOU ARE THE WORST PADAWAN EVER! And yes, you suck at the riddles and have the brain of a Gungan!"

Annie's lower lip trembled. Being referred as Gungan was bad enough, but Obi-Wan had something more in mind. He got up angrily and took something from the drawer. He walked towards Annie and stopped only when his face was an inch away from Annie's.

Obi: "Now think, and think hard, or else..." He tapped the scissors on his hands.

Annie was shocked. He took a step backwards. Obi-Wan was going to cut his padawan braid!

Annie: "No, don't you dare! For the Force's sake! It has just grown back from the last time it was cut!"

Obi: "So get back to your assignment! And by the way Yoda was quite right when he cut your braid last time."

Annie muttered something what Obi-Wan couldn't hear.

After two more hours of meditating Anakin started to get really bored. At this point he remembered that he could use the Force to get food or to get even with his master. And if he played his cards right he could do both. Anakin grinned. Obi-wan saw it and he started to get a bit nervous. When his Annie had that kind of smirk on his face he was planning something. Maybe he should feed the hungry one and they could basically continue with the riddle first thing on the next morning,or maybe he should wake his padawan in the middle of the night... now it was his turn to grin...

Obi: "Your mind is drifting, my young padawan"

Annie: "I'm sorry, master, but that happens when you're so near. Couldn't we just forget the stupid riddle?" He glanced at Obi, reaching for the persuasive side of the Force. He licked his lips.

Obi shuddered. This padawan was peculiarly strong. At a second Annie had made him feel first frightened, then embarrassed and finally, seduced. No other could get in his mind that deep.

Obi: "Annie, you know mind tricks won't work on me."

Annie: "But still you had to fight back." His smile turned mischievous, which made Obi tilt his head.

Obi: "All right, I think it's enough for today. Let's have lunch" He put his hand on Annie's shoulder and faced him again. "But if you yearn for reward the riddle must be solved." He walked through the door. "By midnight."

Anakin was relieved. He hurried to the kitchen but at the middle of his meal he started to wonder what his master had meant by a reward. Anakin decided to try to solve the riddle fast so that he could get his reward. With these thoughts he started to eat again. Other padawans looked Annie as if he was sick. He never had a break while he ate as a matter of fact he always ate so quickly that some of them wondered whether Obi-Wan ever fed him enough. After finishing his meal Anakin just sat there content with himself.

At the same time Obi-Wan went to his quarters. After he shut the door behind him he took a deep breath. Anakin was getting too good to trick with his mind. Today he had almost kissed his padawan. Kissed HIS padawan! Obi-Wan walked in front of a mirror and looked at himself. 'Obi-Wan Kenobi! He is your PADAWAN! You can't have that kind of feelings toward him. Anakin is only a young man who thinks that it would be fun to mess with his master's mind, nothing more. He didn't mean anything with that trick he played today!' After convincing himself enough he sat on the couch and waited for Anakin.

Chapter 2.

When Annie arrived he saw Obi half asleep.

Annie: "So here I am."

Obi lifted his head up. He had been thinking, well actually sleeping, and missed the fact that somebody else had come to the room.

Obi: "Good. Lets get started then."

After a while Anakin asked frustrated: "Please master, give me some clue. Anything." Anakin looked so lost that Obi decided to help him a little more. He smiled warmly.

Obi: "Oh, Annie. When are you going to learn that everything isn't going to happen right away? But this I can tell you, the answer is different to every living creature. Now think my young padawan."

After saying this Obi looked at Anakin and love could be seen from his eyes. Anakin stood up and took a step towards Obi-Wan. Their faces was only an inch away and their lips almost touched. Anakin made the first move and leaned nearer and touched Obi's lips with his own. The kiss grow more passionate.

Obi-Wan gave in as Annie put his arms around him and pushed him back against a wall. But when Annie stuck his tongue in Obi's mouth Obi realised what he had done! He struggled away from Annie's firm grip and gasped for air. He looked at Annie, horrified.

Obi: "No...this...this can't be happening!"

Annie tried to take his hand on his own but Obi wouldn't let him.

Annie: "But it is the truth." He smiled. "I've never felt like this towards anyone. And neither have you, I know it." He came closer to Obi-Wan. "I've felt your deepest thoughts and desires. I've been in your soul."

Obi: "No. Uh, Annie, you're dismissed for the rest of the day." He rushed through the door and disappeared.

Anakin felt miserable and angry that his master had rejected him. He had never seen Obi-Wan run from any kind of awkward situation. And he wasn't going to let him do that now. He had to find Obi and make him understand.

Obi-Wan strolled around the Temple hallways. He couldn't think clearly. His whole body trembled. He was quite sure Annie was looking for him so he decided to visit one of the classrooms. Maybe a little light sabre exercise would turn his mind off this issue. He entered a room full of little apprentices waving their tiny swords. On a low pedestal stood the tiniest but nevertheless wisest of them all - master Yoda.

The class greeted Obi-Wan and continued their assignment while he watched, grinning at their clumsy but ambitious attempts. Yoda gave some good advice like "Use your instincts not your eyes, you must!" Obi-Wan was just about to guide the tykes himself, when he saw Anakin at the door.

Obi felt a lump in his throat. Yoda had also noticed Annie.

Yoda: "Ahh, padawan Skywalker." He got the attention of the pupils. "Now, to see light sabres in real action, you will." He turned to Obi and Annie. "Master Kenobi and padawan Skywalker, your best performance we await." The duo looked at each other, Annie raising an eyebrow, grinning heartily.

Anakin was thrilled. Now Obi-Wan couldn't run away from him and he was going to do his best at showing Obi that he wasn't a child anymore.

At first Obi-Wan didn't know what to do. He just stood there still. He could feel the looks upon him when everyone wondered why he didn't move. But he just couldn't. He had came there to solve his head and this wasn't going to help with that.

Obi: "Master Yoda, are you really sure that you want us to fight?" He asked huskily.

Yoda looked at Obi-Wan. He could see that something troubled him. Something that had been there for a while now.

Yoda: "Your padawan he is. Decide you must. But remember never give up a Jedi will."

Anakin: "Oh, c'mon Obi-Wan! Even if there are some things we still need to talk about you just can't decide not to duel with me anymore! Look at the children! They are waiting for us to fight."

Obi: "Ok, lets duel then!"

And as Obi-Wan walked to his corner he had only one thought in his mind. 'Oh, please let us fight with ALL our clothes on!' After thinking these words Yoda sad : "Take off your tunics you must. See better the children will."

'Why is this happening to me?' Obi cried in his head. Anakin was very pleased, not only he get to practice his skills as a fighter he also get to see his master's bare chest. And so he grinned.

NOTE: *…* are thoughts through the Force.

Chapter 3.

There was a big circle in the middle of the classroom. The younglings gathered round it while Anakin and Obi-Wan stepped into starting positions. Yoda gave commands as they formally bowed at each other and took a step backwards. Then they ignited their light sabres, which were on practise mode for safety reasons. In this mode the blades could only cause minor burns but they still cut easily through clothes and so on.

Anakin was very eager on showing off his skills. He jumped immediately forward and stroke horizontally with his sabre. Obi crouched and attacked on Annie's feet, which made Annie somersault backwards and land a couple of meters away. The pair continued attacks and diversions for a while without a single clash of the swords. Annie started thinking it must be Obi's fault. Obi evaded his strokes and tried to hit him in angles he didn't have other choice than to leap away.

Annie: *Afraid of me are you, Obi-Wan? * He looked at his master, checking out his muscular chest. *My, you're handsome! *

Obi-Wan felt a sudden need to throw himself in a sarlacc pit. Annie took advantage of Obi's embarrassment and ran towards him. He didn't have any time to jump out of the way and for the first time Annie felt the satisfying tremble of the sabre handle when the blades met. Yet again Anakin threw an arrogant grin at Obi-Wan who seemed to be really pissed off! Surprised but still delighted Annie blocked a series of precisely aimed moves Obi made towards his opponent's throat.

Through his enragement couldn't help admiring his padawan's moves to protect himself. 'My first padawan,' he thought, 'I will be proud to see him graduate'. He pictured Annie standing beside him when Annie'd become a full Jedi Knight. His arrogant but skilful, stubborn but smart, childlike but good-looking padaw-...the thought was a mistake. His heartbeat fastened. He'd forgotten how his padawan read him like an open book.

Annie: *I KNEW it! You are attracted to me! * Obi-Wan could hear Annie's victorious laugh inside his head.

That was the last straw. Obi dashed using all his strength on one goal - Annie's smoking braid dropped on the floor.

Anakin trembled. He just couldn't believe what just had happened. His braid! It was a devastating sight to look at his braid dead on the floor. Yes, Anakin thought of it as if it was his friend and so he decided to take one last attack towards his opponent. But just when he made this decision Yoda told them to stop. So they bowed to each other and put their sabres away.

Some of the children laughed because Annie had lost his braid.

Yoda: "Laugh you must not. A good reason Obi-Wan must have. Now speak to your padawan you must. In private."

Obi-Wan nodded and started to walk to the door.

Obi: "Come my padawan, we must speak." And Anakin followed him in silence.

After they reached an empty room Anakin started to talk.

Annie: "How could you? You know what that braid meant to me! And you just cut it off just for fun!" Anakin was furious!

Obi: "Oh, shut up and listen to me. What you did there was stupid. Very stupid thing to do indeed! Did you really think that you could get away with it, without any consequences? I told you earlier that you should stop that. Did you think that Yoda wouldn't notice anything?"

At this point Anakin realised what he had done.

Annie: "No, master, I-I wasn't thinking..." Anakin looked so miserable that Obi-Wan thought that cutting off his braid was enough punishment for him. He smiled and left the room leaving Annie there to think.

Obi:" By midnight then."

Chapter 4.

Annie sat, fingering his braid...it was gone again! But he understood the punishment was just right - Yoda might have sensed his attraction to Obi-Wan. That could mean being expelled from the Temple! His hands were shaking and cold. He must think of a new plan, to hide his emotions anyone else except his master. Easier said than done, especially as Obi was so reluctant...

A child's voice: "Are you still worrying about THAT?" He pointed Annie's braid.

Annie glanced up and saw a small humanoid boy in front of him.

Annie: "Yes, a little."

Boy: "Kinda vain, huh? You know, I've cut my braid off more than once. I'd have a nervous break down to worry that much each time!" He smiled. "You wanna bury it to the garden?" He took a grip on Annie's sleeve and started to drag him forward.

Annie: "Ok. Just promise not to tell anyone"

Boy: "Sure."

Obi wondered if the padawan was any good. Would it be wise to just inform the Council that Anakin was off the trail and shouldn't continue his studies because of his forbidden affection? After the sabre duel incident master Yoda would surely want a report on what was going wrong. On the other hand, how easily could the Council members detect he felt the same way about Anakin? Would HE be expelled? If he didn't tell anything to the council, how long could he prevent throwing himself into Annie's arms? Because it was a clear fact, he knew, there was no turning back on just being normal. Something crucial must be done.

Anakin and the little boy buried Annie's braid to the garden. 'Actually', Anakin thought, 'it was a nice thing to do.' The little boy had said some things that felt just right at the moment. Even though the boy didn't know what really troubled Anakin he had succeed to comfort him and help him to calm down.

Obi-Wan walked around the Temple. After a while he heard a voice he hoped he wouldn't hear in a while anyway. It was Yoda. He wanted an explanation from Obi-Wan about what happened with Anakin.

Obi: "It is something which I'd rather not talk about. But basically there are some personal things me and my padawan must discuss."

Yoda could see that was all Obi-Wan was going to tell at the moment so he left him alone. After meeting Yoda Obi decided to go to the garden. And there he was. His padawan was sitting on a bench. 'Oh my, he looks so beautiful. Very young, almost vulnerable, and at the same time he looks so strong. He has seen so much in his life. My dear Anakin. If only he really knew...'

Anakin noticed Obi lurking behind him.

Obi: "We really have to talk right now."

Annie: "Ok" He swallowed hard as Obi sat next to him.

Obi: "Listen, I can't deny the fact that I'm drawn to you. But-"

Annie: "I knew it! I love you too."

Obi: "Don't interrupt me. As I was saying-"

Annie: "Yeah, yeah, why are you always allowed to speak?"

Obi: "Please listen. It is hard enough already! You know the Jedi Order. There is no way we can ever hide it from others. And you know well enough where that would lead." He took his hand. "So I'm begging you to just forget."

Anakin shook his head, bit his lower lip and took a deep breath.

Annie: "I-I understand..." He hurried himself away with tears in his eyes.

Obi: "Midnight then!"

Annie felt miserable cause of his master's denial. The fact Obi always wanted to do the right thing sickened him. And yet somehow he had known there was no other way. Back at his room he used the Force boosted with his anger to rip apart the few things he had in his room. Searching for something more to break he got his hands on a river stone - given by Qui-Gon to Obi-Wan and then further to him. The ever-warming stone eased his mind a bit. He sat down, concentrated. Then it hit him - he had solved the riddle! He smacked his forehead. It was so simple now that he saw it.

Chapter 5.


When Anakin arrived to Obi's he saw that Obi-Wan was already there.

Annie: "Hi..." He greeted a smirking Obi-Wan.

Obi: "Hello. So have you solved the riddle?"

Annie: "Yes, I have."

Obi: "Well let me hear it."

Annie: "Not so fast...what is the reward?" His tone was both demanding and seductive.

Obi: "Oh, you want to know your reward...well it is the same as always. You can wish for something and I'll try to make it happen. Assumed that it's possible."

Anakin took a couple of steps toward Obi.

Anakin's smile widened.

Annie: "Really? ...Then you know exactly what I want."

He was only an inch away from Obi-Wan, looking directly into his eyes. Obi-Wan felt a shiver through his body. Surely he knew. He'd been both hoping and fearing it.

Obi: "Don't rush ahead of things. You'll still have to actually solve the riddle." Anakin just smiled.

Annie cleared his throat: "Every living creature has to find its own way of life. It is different for everyone and no one else can tell you what it is. You'll know it in your heart…"

Obi-Wan was dumbfounded. His low-wit excuse of an apprentice had finally understood!

Anakin had the puppy face again when he asked: "Was it right, master?"

Obi: "You've succeeded well, my padawan."

Annie: "In that case…I want my reward." He used the Force to switch off the lights and to light some candles. Obi gulped. This was it!

Obi: "I'll grant your wish, but you must promise me that after tonight this all will be forgotten."

Annie: "I promise." His heartbeat speeded up in expectation.

Obi-Wan locked the door. He reached for Annie and they kissed passionately…
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It was just a couple of hours before dawn. Annie woke up on the bed. Obi's arms were around him and he felt his soft breath on his neck. How he hated the fact he really had to go before someone would find out their situation! He got up and kissed his master on a cheek one last time, holding his hands. Obi grunted and opened his eyes, half- slumbering.

Annie: "I'll leave now, master."

Obi: "Good night." He fell asleep, smiling.

Annie: "Good bye." He felt the words hanging in the air. Obi hadn't heard them but he dared not to wake his love again. Annie tucked him in carefully.

Anakin went to the cafeteria for breakfast. For the first time in his life he couldn't eat. Everything swirled around his head. He knew he would neither forget nor go back to normal. He went to his room and started packing, which was swiftly done because he didn't own much. Finally he recorded a holo coded the way only his master could understand. Then he walked away from the Temple.

Obi-Wan woke up. He decided to go check on Anakin. He opened the door, getting panicked at the sight. The room was empty except for a holo disk on the bed. Obi hurried to pick it up and managed to override the coding. A shaky finger pressed the display button.

"Hi! It's me, Anakin Skywalker. As you can probably see."

Annie's little figure sighed. His eyes seemed to be red of crying a lot.

"I have to leave. I just can't live the way I'd have to if I stayed. So please forgive me Obi-Wan and remember that I'll always love you. No matter what I promised."

Obi-Wan collapsed on the floor tears running down his cheeks.


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