The Wheel of Time
Author: Freaky Anomaly
Genre: Action/Angst/Science Fiction
Rating: R - for violence, sexual situations, and cursing
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
Spoilers: All the movies will be spoiled in this story, from Episode 1 to Episode 6.
Summary: What if the Jedi Council's and Obi-Wan's attitudes toward Anakin were contributing factors to his inability to sense evil from Palpatine? How did he lose confidence in his own ability to determine who was evil and who wasn't?… What if they were given a second chance to change it?
Author's Notes: This is my first Star Wars story so please forgive any blunders. I haven't yet had the courage to write slash, so this will be a friendship piece. Padme is a must you know - she is integral to the story.

Without Order Nothing Can Exist…

"The Jedi Council will not condone the training of young Skywalker." Master Windu's voice filled the round Council Chamber, echoing around the occupants and falling like a death knell in Anakin's ears. He had left his mother, his friends, Tatooine, everything he knew, for this! To be denied the honor of becoming a Jedi! It wasn't fair! None of this he said out loud of course. None of this he allowed the Jedi Council to feel.

Qui-Gon Jinn looked down in dismay. This was wrong, he could feel it. The Council - who preached against allowing your feelings to rule your decisions - was denying the training of one young boy because they feared him. This was wrong.

Obi-Wan Kenobi shook his head, his face pointing to the floor. He knew the child was dangerous, the Council just confirmed it. And yet, he could sense Qui-Gon's anger at the insistence of the council. He could sense the feeling of rightness coming from the Council members… but from the child, he could sense nothing. Nothing. Yet another confirmation that the child is dangerous.

Yoda had split feelings about the Council's decision. On the one hand, Anakin had the potential to be a very great threat to the Jedi. On the other, he could be a very great asset. Clouded, this boy's future was. Sure they were doing the right, Yoda was not. But without order nothing can exist. Anything but order oriented, this boy was.

Mace Windu nodded his head, knowing they had done the right thing. The boy has not had the kind of order that children raised in the Temple have had. He is a wild card the Jedi cannot afford. He cannot be trusted. They did the right thing.


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