Title: What the Master Saw
Author: Lilu
Rating: NC-17
Disclamer: Everything from Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.
Summary: Obi inadvertently becomes a voyeur

Obi-Wan Kenobi walked into the small suite he shared with Anakin while they were on Titan IV. The conference were luckily going on in a peaceful fashion, so the Jedi had time to relax and Obi-Wan was almost beginning to see this mission as a sort of holiday.

He wasn't surprised at not finding Anakin in the lounge or bedrooms. The boy had really taken to the local custom of having long hot baths. For a desert-boy, the feeling of so much water against his skin, it must be the greatest luxury. Even if he was so much taller than the natives of this planet that he had to almost curl himself into the tub. Obi-Wan knew that he should discourage such things in his Padawan, but decided to let it slide just this once. This was such an innocent thing.

The Jedi Master intended just to take a quick glance though the stained glass door into the bathroom. Just to make sure Anakin was really in there. But the sight had a paralyzing effect. Anakin was in the tub, head thrown back, face flustered and eyes closed.

Obi-Wan's eyes locked on one of the Padawan's hands as it slipped through hair, down along the braid to the chest where it found a nipple. As the nipple was twisted lightly between two fingers, the Master could feel his own body respond to the touch with a pleasant tingling down his spine.

Anakin pressed his feet against the edge of the tub and raised his hips over the water, revealing his glistening erection. Obi-Wan gasped quietly, trapped somewhere between chock, fascination and simple lust. The Jedi Master tried desperately to gather his thoughts on concepts like "discipline", "responsibility" and "age difference". But all he was truly aware of, was the hot rush of blood leaving his brain to rapidly fill his "other head".

When he saw Anakin's head grasp at the base of his dick and make a single stroke upwards to let the thumb caress the crown, Obi-Wan found his own hand pressing against the cold glass of the door in an effort to join the scene.

The boy let his hips slip back under the water while reaching for a tube lying on the edge of the tub. Still without opening his eyes. After squeezing some sort of gel out in his hand, Anakin locked his legs over the edges of the tub and brought his hips back up.

As the Padawan's hands returned to his groin, Obi-Wan felt his body beginning to tremble, only slightly but uncontrollably. He watched with a pained expression when one of the gelled hands cupped and caressed the heavy sack between the boy's thighs. Anakin made a deep humming sound of pure pleasure and Obi-Wan had to lean his weight against the closed door, afraid his knees would give in completely.

Then the gelled hand slipped further and the boy started slowly to enter himself with one finger. The other hand remained on the erection and began a slow stroking rhythm. Before long he was adding a second finger and speeding up the strokes, water rippling, and then splashing.

Obi-Wan watched mesmerized as each stroke made Anakin's hips snap and driving the fingers even deeper. It was as if the whole universe was following the rhythm of those movements and he had no choice but to join in as well. He sank to his knees on the floor, hand inside his pants and bringing himself of in unison with the one before him.

Breaths and movements became irregular and frantic. Finally Anakin arched his back and made a wailing sound as he came. Obi-Wand followed biting hard on his lower lip in an effort to remain silent.

The Master reopened his eyes to the sight of his padawan lying completely still in the water, looking both happy and relaxed. Such a rare sight and one thought rang clear in his mind and came out as a whisper: "Beautiful". And at that moment, the boy turned his head and finally opened his eyes.

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