Title: Unwanted
Author: Connie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Q/O, O/A
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own these gorgeous characters, they belong to George Lucas and I certainly don't make any money off the writing of stories utilizing these characters.
Warnings: mild het non-con toward the end
Summary: Force-created life-bonds are supposed to be wonderful things but Obi-Wan would heartily disagree.
Author's Note: I must thank my fantastic beta, Bonny, for help and guidance and infinite patience. She has inspired me throughout this long long journey. I fiddled with it at the end and so any mistakes are mine.
This is AU, but some things remain the same; Naboo happened, Qui-Gon died, Obi-Wan became a knight and Anakin was a slave. However, Anakin wasn't found by Qui-Gon, but was instead rescued from slavery by a small group of Jedi Missionaries at the age of six. When the story begins, Anakin is nineteen, has recently been knighted and is studying to be a Healer. Obi-Wan is twenty-nine years old and not the nice man we are used to. This is all fully explained in the story.

Chapter 1

Anakin walked into the market shaking hands and exchanging greetings with the vendors and buyers as he passed. The young knight had been a regular visitor to their planet for the last four years, bringing foodstuffs and medical supplies to the small Jedi outpost. His steady friendship and honesty in all matters had earned him their utmost respect and made him one of the few outsiders they trusted.

As Anakin passed through the busiest section of the market he sensed an unusually large number of unfamiliar force signatures. He stopped in mid-stride and looked around trying to pinpoint their locations. With a small chuckle and much relief he realized that today was the first day of the new cycle. The market and port would be crowded with smugglers, freighter personnel and other port scum: in other words, a day to keep his wits about him and be on guard.

As small as the port was, it was still the only one on this continent, which meant there was a great deal of money to be made and exchanged. Unfortunately it also meant an increase in street fights, murders and rapes.

It was just for this reason that Anakin usually avoided Elskin during this time. However, due to bureaucratic red-tape the latest shipment of supplies had been delayed causing the clinic's inventory of Taiga serum to be at critically low levels.

The whole Pal'on Circle had been battling an outbreak of Taiga Virus for the last five years. The uncontained and mostly untreated virus was having devastating effects on the more primitive cultures within the ring of planets. The outpost of Jedi healers were trying desperately to prevent an epidemic from breaking out on Elska and needed the serum immediately. He couldn't afford any more delays so he'd just have to be extra vigilant.

Anakin kept his senses sharp as he led the carrier droids with their precious cargo through the crowded streets. He continued to sense a disturbance in the Force, but was still unable to identify its source. As a precaution he changed course, turning down a dark alleyway.

He came to a sudden halt when the disturbance became a clear warning of approaching danger. He frantically looked around for protection and pushed the droids and cases behind a dumpster. Using the Force, he quickly camouflaged himself and the droids making them virtually invisible to any passers by. He stood perfectly still and waited for the danger to reveal itself.

He didn't have long to wait. A red and black tattooed demon looking man jumped down from a landing above him brandishing a blaster. Anakin raised his saber in a defensive stance, but the demon suddenly whirled around to face a tall fair-haired man dressed in leather who was pointing a blaster at the demon's head as he yelled, "Stop!"

The demon back flipped several feet and began shooting. The man in leather miraculously evaded the blasts by rolling out of the way with lightening-quick reflexes. Anakin watched dreamily as the action unfolded around him. When he tried to move, he found his limbs heavy and his mind foggy. It was all so surreal: a tattooed demon and a stunningly handsome man clad in black leather fighting to the death. Suddenly the sluggishness disappeared as both men began firing wildly around him; he quickly countered the attack by reflecting the shots back at both men.

The alley was suddenly deathly quiet as the two men lay in their own blood. Anakin knelt next to the tattooed demon and quickly realized that he was dead; the burnt hole in his forehead making it pretty obvious. Moving to the other man, Anakin looked for obvious wounds and found none. He reached out with the Force and located a tear in the man's upper chest under the leather vest. The man was alive, but fading fast. The blaster shot that had burnt through the skin on his upper chest had barely missed the heart, but did tear a hole in the pulmonary artery.

The man's incredibly strong force signature revealed that he was either Sith or Jedi. Anakin began frantically searching the man's meager clothing looking for he hesitated when he felt a long cylindrical hardness at the man's back. He pulled it free a Jedi light-saber.

He's Jedi and I shot him, Anakin felt his stomach clench sickeningly at the thought. He took a deep breath knowing that he couldn't let the man die no matter what. Quickly pulling the smaller man into his arms he attempted to use the linking techniques Corla had taught him. He reached into the man's chest with his thoughts and pushed healing power into the wound. In his mind he saw the blood seeping from the artery and concentrated his Force energy into the damaged tissue.

After only a few seconds he realized it wasn't working, the man had his shields up and wouldn't let him make the necessary connection.

Vic had always said that a healer's true talent lay in being able to connect psychically and emotionally with patients, only then would you be able to deep-heal quickly and more thoroughly. Anakin decided to change tactics. He used his great force abilities to push his way into the man's mind past his shields. He felt the shields finally break and looked for an existing or old bond to anchor to.

There -- a bond, possibly a shredded training bond, but it should be enough. Anakin reached out to make the link, but found the unconscious man's shields stronger than they should be. Anakin concentrated and used all his powers to break through the Jedi's last defenses. As soon as he linked to the bond, he felt the Force urging him to pour more and more power into the new link. The Jedi tried forcing him out of his mind, but soon gave in and began sending pulses of his own Force-power into the newly revived bond.

Anakin felt a rush of energy like he'd never experienced before. It was wonderfully soothing and warm. It felt familiar somehow, like when he used to touch his mother's mind. Beautiful and right, he thought.

Suddenly the feelings transformed from warm and sweet to passionate and erotic. He felt the blood rushing into his genitals, pulsing with heat. He grew harder with every breath. Need, want, desire, have to have. Anakin became aware of a warm wetness between his legs and then sank into blackness.


Anakin woke to find Vic watching him intently. He smiled weakly at his master and tried pulling himself up into a sitting position, but then fell back down with a gasp, overwhelmed by an intense pain pounding in his temples.

"My head!"

Vic reached out and touched Anakin's forehead reducing the pain dramatically.

"What happened," Anakin asked as he rubbed his temples.

"Bathe and change and then we'll talk."


"First a bath and fresh clothing; you stink my padawan."

Anakin swung his feet off the bed and hesitated, something felt different. He wobbled on his feet and found a helpful arm around his waist to help steady him.

Vic guided him to the fresher and patted his shoulder, "Everything is going to be fine."

As Anakin stripped off his clothes, he became disgusted by the mess he found. "What the, --?" he exclaimed.

I came in my leggings like some sixteen year old, he mused. He pressed his memory for an explanation and felt a sharp pain, warning him to take it slow. He remembered the man in leather. He had been shot. Yes, that's what happened, the black-leather man had shot the demon and Anakin had deflected a shot back at the leather guy. Jedi! He had been Jedi.

The vision of the golden skinned, golden haired man flashed in his head. He had been beautiful and Anakin had become impossibly aroused by the image he presented. Force, I can't believe I did that, Anakin thought. Blushing from head to toe, he stepped hurriedly into the shower. Oh Force, Vic knew of course. Damn, he wouldn't hear the end of this. Control - Control - Control, that was Vic's mantra.

Anakin set the water temperature to the hottest he could stand, leaned against the white tiles and groaned. He supposed he'd have to see the knight again and apologize for hitting him with the deflected laser shots. Thank goodness the knight didn't know that just the sight of him had made Anakin come in his pants. As soon as he thought about seeing the knight again, he found his arousal growing intensely. What the Sith was wrong with him? He tried thinking of something else, but with no effect. He was hard as a rock and needed relief. He gave in and began pulling at his cock.

He pictured the knight as he had stood there, his eyes flashing green - no blue - and such perfect features. He had looked so brave and noble, daring the demon to strike at him almost as if he wanted to be cut down. His chest had been bared, revealing defined musculature with pierced nipples. Yes, that chest in all its glory narrowing down into slim hips and long legs clad in tight leather. Anakin quickened his pace, as the image grew more and more detailed in his mind. The same feelings that had overwhelmed him at the healing now returned; bright, intense and erotic. He came quickly and bit his lip to keep from calling out the knight's name. Obi-Wan.

After recovering from the amazing orgasm, Anakin quickly and dutifully washed all traces of his passion away. He dried himself off by rubbing roughly trying to push thoughts of the mystery Jedi out of his mind. As he stood in front of the mirror preparing to shave, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder how he knew the knight's name.


Vic watched his padawan, in a total state of confusion, disappear into the fresher. Anakin was a good man, rash, impulsive and uncontrolled at times, but his heart was big and there wasn't a more passionately driven being when it came to helping the under trodden. He was the most compassionate person he knew, besides being a very promising healer.

That passion and rashness were probably what caused the predicament they found themselves in now. That and the will of the Force; without the Force it would only have been a healing bond and perhaps a lover's bond. A life-bond was supposed to require intense mutual affinity and attraction, but foremost was the necessity of an absolute harmony between two souls that called to each other.

Life-bonds usually took a very long time to form, sometimes a lifetime. For a bond to form spontaneously, as this one had, was only possible between two strong Force-users who were attuned to each other at a very high level. Vic shook his head in amazement: what a match this would be. It could be overwhelming and dangerous for the parties involved.

Well, it was too late now for regrets; the boy had a mate. Vic had found out as much as he could about the man Anakin had life-bonded with, which had mostly been the usual benign information found in Republic Jedi records. After finding enough to cause him to become very concerned about his apprentice's life-mate, he had resorted to pulling in favors. He had called his old friend Mace Windu, Counselor and Special Advisor to the High Council on Coruscant, and got the real story.

He was still debating whether to tell his padawan those details or let him figure them out for himself. Much of what he'd found out was a bit alarming and he didn't want to frighten his padawan too much. On the other hand Anakin was going to need as much help as he could get. Leave it to Anakin to life-bond with someone as infamous as Obi- Wan Kenobi, Sith-killer and hero of Naboo.

He was still reeling from what had been revealed and wondered if Anakin wouldn't have been better off letting the young knight die in that alley. There was strong evidence that the Sith-killer had turned toward the dark along the way. Vic took a deep breath and released his anxiety into the Force and went over again all that he knew.

The official story was that Obi-Wan Kenobi had been knighted ten years ago at the age of twenty. In the battle of Naboo he had fought and killed a Sith. His master, Qui-Gon Jinn, had died in that battle as had Senator Palpatine.

Vic had been denied access to anything else about Naboo, but from what he remembered, the Senator's death was never explained. The whole event was still mired in speculation and outlandish conspiracy theories.

The only other information Mace would give him on that subject was that Obi-Wan had killed the Sith master, but not the apprentices and from that moment on Obi-Wan had become the official Sith hunter for the Jedi, which had turned out to be a full time job.

It seemed that that Sith apprentice had declared himself the new Sith Lord and taken on several apprentices through the years. Though nowhere near as strong as the original Sith Lord, nor as clever, the subsequent apprentices had managed to cause catastrophe and carnage wherever they went. They had even aligned themselves with the Hutts and Drogs on many of the outer-rim planets.

Obi-Wan had seldom gone back to Coruscant. He lived his life undercover, tracking down each apprentice and killing it. Hopefully, the Sith that Anakin had just killed was the last of them.

t sounded like a tough life, one that would have been lonely and dismal. Vic wondered about the young knight that was floating in bacta right now. What kind of man could live a life like that, and what would drive him to it?

He had, of course, asked Mace that same question.

Mace laughed bitterly. "As insightful as ever I see, my friend. Obi- Wan and his master were lovers when Qui-Gon died. Obi-Wan had been a joyful, witty, bright young man before Qui-Gon's death and this vendetta ... Well I'm afraid we did him no favors by allowing him this mission. I'm both pleased and concerned in regards to this bond."

"So you don't think he'll submit then?"

"There's no doubt in my mind he will resist. Yet it's imperative that he breaks free from his memories and this obsession. I hope your padawan is strong; otherwise Obi-Wan could make both of them very miserable."

"I should also tell you --," Mace hesitated momentarily. "He had a break down after Qui-Gon's death and went through therapy at the Alderaan facility for nine cycles. I understand that his treatment was intense and has caused lasting effects that may never be resolved."

Vic heard the fresher door open and brought himself back to the immediate problem.

Anakin emerged freshly bathed and dressed. "Master, what is wrong? What has happened? I feel odd."

Vic smiled reassuringly. "Padawan, please sit. Something wonderful has happened. I only hesitated to tell you before because I'm not sure if you or the Jedi you saved will see it as such right away."

"What has happened?"

"When you were forming the healing bond, it seems that the Force wanted more than just a healing bond. It seems that the Force wanted much more."

Vic sighed and nodded, "You and the knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, have formed a life-bond. It's not permanent yet, but it is nearly so. I am fairly certain that the Force will ensure that the bond is completed."

"Life-bonded, you mean mated for life?"


"Oh!" Anakin stood quietly and began pacing. He stopped suddenly and turned back to Vic. "How is the bond completed?"

"A life-bond can be completed by just spending time together, meditating, but the quickest and the preferred way for obvious reasons is through sexual intimacy. It is very similar to a lover's bond in that way, but is much stronger and permanent."

Anakin moved to the couch and flopped down, "And the Force is behind its formation. It's nothing I did, is it? I mean I couldn't have done it alone?"

"No, my padawan, a life-bond can only be formed through the will of the Force. Otherwise it would be just a lover's bond. It is very much an organic event that ties two souls psychically together. It has been studied for thousands of years and it has been proven that the electro circuits in the brain cells of two beings joined in a life- bond actually transmute to matching biorhythms. The same thing happens in training and to some extent in a lover's bond. That's why a master and a padawan can sense each other's feelings."

"Most likely you and Knight Kenobi will not only be able to sense each other's feelings, but also communicate telepathically with each other in time. It truly is a blessing to be grateful for. I am so happy for you, padawan. Life-bonds are very rare, as you know."

"Yes, I know." Anakin said hesitatingly. "But it's just so odd -- I'm bonded to a stranger. Does Knight Kenobi know?"

"No, he is still recovering in a bacta tank right now. He should be out by the end of the week."

Anakin just nodded and looked down at his hands where they were playing nervously with the hem of his tunic.

"What's wrong, Anakin?"

"I wonder, I mean . What do you think he'll think of all this? I -- do you think he'll want to complete the bond?"

"I'm not sure Anakin." Vic said softly, sensing the boy's fear. "I spoke to Counselor Mace Windu, who is a good friend of his, about his injuries and this bond and he thinks Knight Kenobi will be resistant."

"Why?" Anakin asked anxiously. "He's not bonded already, is he? It's a great gift, like you said."

Vic grinned. "I'm sure he'll realize that eventually. In fact, I'm sure the Force will make it quite clear to him that he has no choice."

Anakin nodded, "Yes, the Force will compel him to complete it."

Vic smiled with amusement. Obviously the Force had already been at work. His padawan seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole thing and he couldn't resist asking, "How do you feel about it, Anakin?"

Anakin smiled and then looked down shyly as if embarrassed by his happiness. "I'm surprised, but somehow I know this is what I've been waiting for. I always dreamed about life-bonding with someone I loved, but I never thought it would happen to me with someone like him."

"I don't know Obi-Wan, but when I was bonding with him it felt so... It was wonderful, so warm and secure and joyful. Then I," he paused uncomfortably. "I felt such desire and pleasure that I came right there in the streets. That's okay, right?"

Vic nodded, "Yes padawan that is how the Force will drive the two of you together. Though the spontaneous formation of the bond is exceptional, the pleasurable aspects of the bond are very appropriate."

"I feel him now, not strongly, but I do. I want him. I want him like I've never wanted anything before."

Vic smiled at the young knight. He was happy for his beloved padawan and a little envious. He had also dreamed, as did most Jedi, of finding his one true love and forming a miraculous life-bond. It was the stuff of dreams. He should have guessed that such a miracle would come to his amazing padawan. The boy was special and unique, as was Obi-Wan Kenobi from all accounts. It made sense that two such as these would form a life-bond.

"Just be yourself and he won't be able to resist you, Anakin. You are a good man and a fine Jedi; he is lucky indeed."

Anakin blushed. "May I visit him? I want to be near him. This headache, do you think it may be caused by not being with him?"

Vic nodded. "That seems to be what the Force wants right now. You may go to him and stay with him as long as you feel necessary." Vic sighed sadly; realizing for the first time that Anakin was truly no longer his alone, there was someone more important in his life now. He supposed he should have been more prepared, the boy had been knighted two cycles ago at the amazingly young age of nineteen. He knew that sooner or later they would be separated, but Vic had hoped that they could partner and he'd be blessed by that bright soul for just a bit longer. Anakin had been a gift from the Force to an old lonely man, a last chance to give his best to the galaxy and to the Jedi. He was just as surely his son as if he'd sired him.

Anakin jumped up and hurried to the door. He looked back and smiled, "I feel as if my life is just beginning."

"Calm, Anakin. Calm," Vic yelled after him, laughing.

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