Title: Untitled (if anyone can come up with a spiffy name please feel free to say so)
Author: Kate (bethanyelizabeth2002@yahoo.co.uk)
Rating: PG-13 for now (really can't write sex scenes so any help would be appreciated for later scenes)
Disclaimer: Characters portrayed in this fic do not belong to me if they did then Anakin and Obi Wan would be dueling without any shirts on
Spoilers: AoTC/TPM Definitely an AU
Summary: The hardest part isn't becoming the couple; it's being the couple
Feedback: Most welcome

Bursting twenty stitches in the throes of passion certainly ruined the mood, Anakin reflected. He sat on the end of the bed, wrapped in fresh linen since he had bled on the last as Obi Wan gently wound bandages around his middle.However, the reflected from this vantage point he had a good look atObi Wan's currently sweat covered back. Absently he twisted the ends of Obi Wan's hair around his finger as he waited.

"This really should be looked at by the healers," Obi Wan admonished his padawan as he sat up. Anakin winced as he moved backwards, leaning on the pillows for support.

"Don't need the healer; have you" the impish grin was lost on Obi Wan as the older Jedi was obviously concerned for his padawan and lover.

"You need professional help" Obi Wan added as he shook out the bed spread and gently laid it over the bottom half of Anakin's body. He walked around the bed and threw the soiled sheets in the corner before joining his padawan in bed. Anakin instantly buried his face in Obi Wan's shoulder, wincing as he moved.

"I would do it twenty times over if I could you feel you there again" he promised. Obi Wan chuckled sending ripples down his chest.

"I was stupid to start this whole thing" Obi Wan murmured almost absently.

Anakin felt a flicker of annoyance and panic. This was when Obi Wan became Master Obi Wan, he listened to the voice that told him that it wasn't a good idea to make your padawan your lover. Anakin hated that voice. Although he had to admit, Obi Wan had a point, making love while he was still so sore wasn't the best idea but it couldn't be helped.

The council had sent them on numourous missions for the last year, they hadn't seen the temple in over a year and a half, and they were worn to the ground. Anakin lived for moments such as these. He felt lazy and satisfied and was fairly certain a goofy smile was fixed upon his face, but then he had a good reason, Obi Wan had loved him completely.

He realized suddenly that they had been silent for a while; it wasn't strained or angry but just there hanging between them, a happy feeling. Anakin had the wild impulse to laugh. He did, causing Obi Wan to send him an amused look.

"Less thinking, more sleeping" Anakin instructed, nestling closer, his body melding to Obi Wan's flawlessly.

Obi Wan's fingers brushed over Anakin's stomach.

"I'm sorry Anakin," he whispered softly. Anakin knew his master felt responsible for the injuries he had sustained, he knew from experience that telling him he was wrong would do no good.

Anakin raised his head and allowed their mouths to meet, the kiss meant to be quick, to assure love but it turned heated instantly. Anakin could never get enough of his taste and he melted against Obi Wan's lips, together they pulled slowly apart, the kisses becoming further apart until an ending. Anakin and Obi Wan stared at each other then Obi Wan looked down at their twined bodies.

"Are you bleeding again?"

Anakin's impish smile was back. "No"

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