Title: Three Ways
Author: Elektra Pendragon elekdragon@yahoo.com
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to George they do.
Archive: Obi/Ani archive, Virgin Challenge page.
Pairing: Ani/Obi, Ani/Tru, implied Qui/Obi
Rating: NC-17, all parts
Warning: Violence, non-con, AU
Spoilers: Jedi Quest Universe, AotC Universe.
Summary: Three different ways Anakin can lose his virginity. For the Virginity Challenge contest.
Notes: Thanks to Random for all the help--beta, ideas, support.
Author's Webpage: http://elektra.slashcity.tv/fanfiction.html

*The Way It Didn't Happen*

The lightsaber duel was brutal, relentless. Anakin blocked the blows until his bones shuddered against their joints, the muscles shaking and straining even as they grew tight with overexertion. Obi-Wan's swings were deadly accurate and filled with all his strength, honed over more years than Anakin had been alive. An hour ago, they had been evenly matched. Now, Anakin was at Obi-Wan's mercy, growing weaker by the minute.

"I can't!" Anakin shouted as Obi-Wan easily pushed aside his clumsy attack.

"You must!"

Anakin hadn't slept in days. He would drift into fitful, dreamless sleep during the few minutes he could steal; in astromechanics, in the line at the food dispensary, when he should be showering. Never more than a few minutes, however. His eyes felt gritty, and the walls of the training room rippled and twisted like a disturbed pond. Tricks, illusions, hallucinations brought on by exhaustion.

Obi-Wan continued attacking, and Anakin could barely move his weapon fast enough to keep the searing blade from clipping his arms or legs. Already he wore several hits like brown-red badges down his shoulder and sides, his bare skin striped from cauterized wounds that were deep enough to hurt, but not enough to disable him. Anakin hardly felt the pain from them; everything was agony wrapped around exhaustion, muffled by lack of sleep.

"Master, I can't!" Anakin cried out before finally falling gracelessly backwards, his legs suddenly numb and unresponsive. The hard floor was unpadded, and Anakin felt bruised from the impact. His head hit the hardest, cracking loudly and making Anakin go blind for several moments. Everything seemed to shut down after that, once he was motionless. He could blink, his eyesight coming back in a dull haze, but he couldn't move any other muscles in his body. His lightsaber deactivated and rolled out of his nerveless fingers. He tried to move, but he could barely breathe through the constriction in his chest.

Half-naked, weaponless, exhausted almost to the point of unconsciousness, Anakin was completely defenseless.

Obi-Wan's lightsaber slashed downward across Anakin's chest, searing a long diagonal line. The blade barely missed Anakin's left nipple, and reached almost down to the hem of his leggings. It was deep, drawn with the tip of the energy blade.

"Get up."

"I...can't...Master," Anakin wheezed. The deep burn made it even more difficult to suck in oxygen; the act of filling his lungs became a whole new kind of agony as it forced the wound open. Tears welled up in his eyes, making them sting, but as he blinked them away, his vision finally cleared enough to allow him to see Obi-Wan.

His Master stood above him, his face almost angry. His dark eyes were filled with revulsion that Obi-Wan couldn't hide--or didn't even try. The lightsaber blade shut down, the energy withdrawing into the housing with a dull whine. "If this had been for real, you would be dead now, young one."

Obi-Wan squatted down, tapping the lightsaber hilt against the burn he had just made. Every hit made Anakin shudder, as though shot with electricity. The only thing that kept him from passing out was the power in his Master's eyes, and the terrifying thought of adding that one last humiliating disappointment to the already long list of shortcomings.

"I know...Sorry." Anakin's voice was failing. The few words he could gasp out were frightfully weak and hardly articulated. He could only hope that Obi-Wan understood what he meant, and it would satisfy him.

Obi-Wan stopped hitting his chest, tossing aside the training saber with a sharp gesture. The weapon flew several meters, clunking lightly on the floor with a metallic dance of noise. "Your performance is disappointing. You have no focus, your strategy is laughable, and your stamina is not acceptable. You are incapable of following orders, and you have yet to show yourself capable of operating amidst distraction. Tell me: why should you be allowed to continue your training?"

'Because I have no where else to go.' The thought was treacherous, flowing into Anakin's mind before he could bury it under attention and contrition. He blinked his eyes, trying to call together the correct answer, the one that would convince his Master that he was worthy. "I...am..."

He was too late. Before Anakin could complete his sentence, Obi-Wan struck him across the face. The blow was swift and brutal, knocking Anakin's teeth together and pushing the side of his head into the solid floor. He spent several moments trying to turn his head before Obi-Wan grew impatient and grabbed him by the chin, maneuvering his face back towards himself.

"I will mold you into the perfect Jedi, Anakin. You will not fail me."

"Will not," Anakin promised, putting as much strength as he could behind it.

"I do this only because you are the Chosen One. You are too important to let waste away on a slave planet."

Anakin felt the ties of his leggings loosen. He wanted to lift his hips to help his Master, but he still couldn't move his own body. Obi-Wan used one hand to drag them roughly down his hips, the other stroking Anakin's neck almost tenderly.

"I promised Qui-Gon that I would train you. The Council will look for any weakness, any mistake that might give them the excuse to fail you."

When the hands withdrew from his body, Anakin waited for the familiar weight to settle onto his chest. Perhaps Obi-Wan would touch his cock to the burn, letting his semen cool the wound. Maybe this time he would want Anakin's mouth. Anakin was still too weak to move, so he poured his desire into the Force that Obi-Wan would not instruct him to respond to his attentions. He didn't want to fail his Master again by not being able to follow his commands.

Obi-Wan's disappointed face moved out of Anakin's vision. Before he could make his unfocused eyes follow, Anakin was rolled over onto his side. The distant white wall was merely a blur, broken by the nearby grey blob of his weapon just beyond his reach. His left arm flopped bonelessly as Obi-Wan tossed it out of his way. There was a noise behind him, lewd and impersonal, as his Master cleared his throat deeply. The noise went on longer than Anakin thought it should.

The touch that wiggled into the cleft of his ass was warm and wet, two fingers smearing a slimy trail over his skin wherever it touched. One touched his anus, first skirting it, then moving deftly inside once it was sure it had reached its target. Anakin would have shrunk in upon himself if he could have moved; he felt like everything inside was flinching away from the invasion, falling into a giant gravity sink in the middle of his belly. Obi-Wan had never touched him there, always preferring to see his face, making Anakin watch as he finished their lessons.

"If the Council had seen your abysmal display, Anakin, they would have surely expelled you from the Order. I cannot allow that. You must learn your place."

The fingers disappeared. Obi-Wan cleared his throat again, and then the fingers returned, slicker and wiser. They both found the entrance this time, both squeezing together to press inside. It wasn't pain, not yet. The two fingers pushed inside, pressing against the muscles in different directions, moving, shifting, twisting until their passage was slick and easy.

"You will be perfect. You will be obedient, and powerful. You will not fail me again."

Anakin's face made a squeaking noise as he was dragged across the smooth floor, his cheek stinging from the abrasion. He wobbled awkwardly, not in control of his body, as Obi-Wan placed him. His back twisted until his chest was almost flat against the floor while a strong hand on his hip held his lower body on his side. The wound on his chest felt ripped open, weeping clear tears of fluid as burnt skin was ripped away. The fingers inside spread widely for a moment, causing a strange burning pain inside, before they slipped out.

"You ARE the Chosen One, Anakin."

Anakin stopped breathing when Obi-Wan entered him with short, agonizing jerks of his hips, his Master's hands holding him steady as he taught Anakin's body how to take it.


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